Classic Car Catalogue

TVR 1964

Great Britain

Grantura Mk III – discontinued (1962-64 - c. 90 ex.)
Grantura 1800S – new model

TVR Grantura Mk III 1800 Sports Coupé.


The Lancashire based manufacturer founded in 1959 under the name of Layton Sports Cars Limited, but now operating under the name of Grantura Engineering Limited, introduced their MGB 1798 cc-engined replacement for the MGA-engined Mk III in 1963. Essentially similar in appearance to its predecessor, the '1800' have impressive performance, with a maximum speed approaching 120 mph. Price £1054.

Grantura 1800S from early 1964 have more angular tail with Ford cortina lights and larger window. Optional 115bhp engine spec.
Griffith 400 from 1964 gets improved cooling from bigger radiator and electric fans, and shorter tail. Mainly shipped to US.