Classic Car Catalogue

TVR 1965

Great Britain

Grantura 1800S – discontinued (1964-65 - c. 128 ex.)
Griffith – discontinued (1963-65 - c. 300 ex.)

Mk III 1800 S

TVR builds a plastic coupe Mk III 1800 S with MG engine or more recently as Griffith 200 with 4.7 liter Ford V8 engine. New is the Fissore with an aluminum body provided model Trident, also with 4.7 liter Ford V8 engine.



Griffith Series 400 assembled in the USA by Griffith Motors Inc. of Syosset, New York. Power by Ford 289 V-8 of 271 HP.

Trident in Geneva.




Very different from his provocative Elva-BMW seen at the London Show is Fiore's much less elaborate Coupé for the Ford V8-engined TVR Trident. While the car exhibited was incomplete mechanically and not quite to production specification in certain other respects, a demonstration car is doing the rounds. At the back is an enormous expanse of window set at a rakish angle. It is all very striking, if unlikely to suit the majority taste.
(Geneva report)