Classic Car Catalogue

TVR 1969

Great Britain

Vixen s.2 (4 cyl., 1598 cc, 92 bhp; wb: 2286 mm)
Tuscan V8 (V8 cyl., 4727 cc, 271 bhp; wb: 2286 mm)
Tuscan V6 (V6 cyl., 2994 cc, 144 bhp; wb: 2286 mm) - new model



The mid-year Tuscan V6 is effectively a Vixen s.2, 90 inch chassis powered by a Ford V6-cylinder, 3-litre Zodiac/Capri engine. The servo-assisted brakes came from the Tuscan V8.


Tuscan V8 SE (wide body?)

Vixen s.2

Tuscan V6


Tuscan V6