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Veritas 1950


2600 mm
R6 cyl.
1988 ccm
100 PS
Saturn Coupé x      
Scorpion Convertible x      
Comet Roadster x      
Comet S          


1950 Veritas also began the development of touring sports car suitable for everyday use, after a renewed move of the company took place after Muggensturm (near Baden-Baden). A square laid out alloy engine Heinkel to install was now instead of the BMW of long stroke engine. You had imagined even a completely new chassis. The bodywork is built at Spohn in Ravensburg. In May 1950, the Veritas was offered 2 litres in the following versions: "Saturn" 100 HP Coupe 2/2 seats DM 17250, "Scorpion" 100 HP convertible 2/2 seats DM 18350, 'Comet' 100 HP sports car 2 seats DM 19850, "Comet S" racing car 2 seats DM 25500,. But they had made themselves too much. The Veritas Ltd. fell increasingly into financial difficulties which led to the collapse of the company in November 1950. Has that the now established formula completely failed 2 race car of Veritas "Meteor" in contrast to the former BMW-Veritas RS and quickly ruined the reputation of the brand helped considerably. Veritas has 62 cars built from 1947 to 1950, namely 32 racing car BMW engines and 20 touring sports car with 10 racing competition Veritas "Meteor". Leader and organizer of the company was Director Lorenz Dietrich, while the relentlessly hardworking ing. Ernst Loof the development and construction of automobiles took.

Sportowe samochody Veritasa sprzedają się ze zmiennym szczęściem więc firma próbuje podreperować swoje finanse oferując nowy model Dyna-Veritas z dwucylindrowym silnikiem 744 cm³, 40 KM wykorzystujący podwozie i układ napędowy Panharda Dyna.

















Dyna-Veritas wb:
2180 mm
B2 cyl.
744 ccm
32 PS
– new model    

Dyna Veritas





  Targa Florio/Giro di Sicilia entries:
#202 BMW 750 Sport Polensky / Schlutter fail.

1,5 Liter

Veritas RS