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Vignale 1963


New Star – Turin
Record Sperimentale

Fiat 1300/1500

Maserati 3500 GTI

Daihatsu Spider presented at Turin Motor Show



Record Sperimentale został nieco zmodyfikowany.
Zakończono budowę kabrioletów Appia dla Lancii. Powstało 1586 egzemplarzy.

In 1963 Vignale were producing around 40 cars per day.

Vignale always exhibits an astonishingly wide range of vehicles, and considering that his methods are based on hand-beaten panels-even for his limited series production cars-the external finish of the show models is unsurpassed. Star attraction here is a monoposto racing car called the New Star jet, with a very pointed Perspex snout and a lift-up canopy hood in the same material. The suspension parts have been beautifully machined by Maserati, and the rear section of the car is wide enough to take the transversely mounted vee-12 1.5-litre engine and integral transmission which the same company has in an advanced state of development. (Turin report)

Fiat 600 T

Fiat 600 Record Sperimentale

Fiat 1500 Coupé


New Star Jet at Turin Motor Show.