Classic Car Catalogue

Voisin 1932

C14 13CV (6 cyl., 2326cc, 66 ch, wb; 322 cm)
C23 17CV (6 cyl., 2994 cc, 80 ch; wb: 322 cm)
C12 24CV (6 cyl., 4530 cc, 105 ch; wb: 358 cm)
C22 33CV (6 cyl., 5830 cc, 120 ch; wb: 359,5 cm)
C16 33CV (6 cyl., 5830cc, 130 ch; wb: 358 cm)
C18 28CV (V12 cyl., 4885 cc, 105 ch; wb: 358 cm)
C21 28CV (V12 cyl., 4885 cc, 105 ch; wb: 322 cm) (C18 underslung)
C20 28CV (V12 cyl., 4890 cc, 115 ch; wb: 359,5 cm)


C12 24 CV For 1932, there are three 7-seaters: the Chevreuse saloon, the Chevance coupé-limousine and the Caravane limousine.
C14 13 CV
C23 17 CV
C16 33 CV
C18 28 CV
C20 28 CV
C22 33 CV
C24 17 CV At the 1932 Salon, the C24 was announced, sharing the same essential mechanical specification as the C23 but on an underslung chassis code-named Surmeltem. The cockpit is in the typical Voisin style of the time, including the art déco fabric and amply stocked dashboard. The 3-litre six of the C23 is slightly tuned to deliver an extra 10 bhp, and like the C23, the shock absorber rates are adjustable from the driver's seat.




C12 Caravane

C20 Myrte