Classic Car Catalogue

Voisin 1934

C14 13CV (6 cyl., 2326cc, 66 ch, wb; 322 cm) - 1928-34 1795 ex.
C23 17CV (6 cyl., 2994 cc, 80 ch; wb: 322 cm)
C24 17CV (6 cyl., 2994 cc, 90 ch; wb: 322 cm) (C23 underslug)
C22 33CV (6 cyl., 5830 cc, 120 ch; wb: 359,5 cm) - 1931-34 36 ex.
C18 28CV (V12 cyl., 4885 cc, 105 ch; wb: 358 cm) - 1930-34 89 ex.
C21 28CV (V12 cyl., 4885 cc, 105 ch; wb: 322 cm) (C18 underslung) - 1931-34 40 ex.
C20 28CV (V12 vyl., 4890 cc, 115 ch; wb: 359,5 cm) - 1931-34 approx. 30 ex.
C25 17 CV - new model
C26 17 CV - new model
C27 17 CV - new model
Aerodyne - prototype


Summer saw the presentation of two new bodies for the 17 CV C24. Two-door saloon Charmeuse and four-door Caravelle both have more modern lines which should apeal to rich and demanding clientele.
Gabriel Voisin managed to convince his administrators to built an extraordinary prototype the Aérodyne which appeared on the Champs-Élisées in the summer of this year. This prototype has been designed on the C24 17 CV chassis. The Aerodyne has an unusual body with a curved roof that slides to the rear panel.
A second model dressed in red and white shines on the Voisin stand at the Grand Palais in October. It has its own chassis and became the Type C25. It is significantly different with a higher, more elaborate waiste line, relocated headlights, wider running boards, longer wings and four circular portholes arranged in the roof.
The company managed to sell about 150 vehicles this year.

C24 17 CV

C24 17 CV (6 cyl., sleeve valve, 2994 cm³, 90 ch; wb: 328 cm)
  berline (rounded)
  berline (square)
  demi-berline 2-dr
  conduite intérieure
  demi-berline Caravelle - new model (summer)
  berline Charmeuse - new model (summer)

C24 berline (angular)

C24 berline (rounded)

C24 berline Charmeuse

C24 berline Charmeuse

C24 demi-berline

C24 conduite intérieure

C24 demi-berline Caravelle



17 CV (6 cyl., sleeve valve, 2994 cm³, 90 ch) - prototype

The first Aerodyne prototype.

Sliding roof.

Aerodyne in Champs-Élisées in the summer this year.

Aerodyne C25 at Paris Motor Show.

The roof is even more unusual.


C25, C26 and C27

17 CV (6 cyl., sleeve valve, 2994 cm³, 90 ch)
C25 (wb: 328 cm)
   Bob (chassis)
   Aérodyne (berline)
C26 (wb: 350 cm)
   Luge (chassis)
   Aérisée (limousine)
C27 (wb: 310 cm)
   Ski (chassis)
   Aérosport (coupé)

The production version was ready before winter. It has been altered again with different side windows, hub caps, more elegant lines of the wings, and the grille being moved forward.


"Voiture de l'avenir"


At the 1934 Paris Salon Gabriel Voisin presented his project of a "car of the future". The restless inventor came with his visionary vehicle having diamond shaped wheel arangement for better stability. An extremely aerodynamic body provides acommodation for six with the driver's seat located in the middle and moved forward. The engine is located in the back within a triangle formed by the rear wheels. Aero-type radial engine has 7-cylinders providing 4-liters of capacity giving about 100 bhp and a top speed of 180 km/godz (112 mph).
2730 potential customers expressed their interests at the show, some of them accompanied by a down payments.
Voisin began work on the prototype in October 1934 and in January the engine ran for the first time. Road test were planned for July.
The receivership took control and in accordance to the memorandum signed in 1933 preventing the company form any new expensive research the project was cancelled.