Classic Car Catalogue

Volkswagen 1978

Karmann Cabriolet
181 - ost. rok
Iltis - nowy model


Polo - August - new bumpers.
Derby - August - new bumpers.
Golf - August - new bumpers.
Iltis built for Bundeswehr.
POLO £3,155
Compact three-door hatchback from the famous German manufacturer is now available with three engine sizes. The familiar 895 and 1093 cc units have just been joined by the 1272 motor which is also used in the largest-engined VW Derby. With the 60 bhp engine the Polo 1300 is good for around 95 mph, and acceleration is brisk. All three engines demand only 91 octane (two-star) petrol. The Polo has a high-lifting rear tailgate, and when the rear seat is folded there is a load area of 32 cu. ft. The upholstery is in attractive cloth, and the cars are notable for very quiet running. The suspension giving a very comfortable ride.
GOLF £3,740
Plenty of room for your golf clubs, but in fact Golf means 'Gulf' in German and refers to a type of wind. The neat hatchback is available as a three or five-door, and with choice of three petrol engines. There is also a 1500 Diesel. The 1100 models are offered with three or five doors, the power-unit being the 1093 cc ohc unit, while the LS with 1457 cc motor comes as a three-door only. The GLS has five doors and the 1457 engine, and the exciting Golf GTI has a 1588 cc fuel-injected 110 bhp motor, and a top speed of 113 mph. A high-speed hold-all! All models have folding rear seats and vast load areas.
PASSAT £4,155
Yet another VW named after a type of wind, the Passat is a 1600 five-door, available as hatchback or even more-commodious estate. LS hatchback and estates have the 75 bhp 1588 cc engine, whereas the GLS (hatchback only) has the 85 bhp motor. Standard transmission is a four-speed manual but there is an automatic on option. Last year the rear body sills were modified to provide easier loading through the high-lifting hatchbacks. Front bumper is of deformable plastic which will absorb traffic contacts up to five mph. All engines run on 91 octane (two-star) petrol, and are smooth and lively.
Racey Scirocco Coupé was styled by Giorgio Giugiaro, outstanding Italian body designer, and in spite of the '2+2' look, the well-proportioned model has room for five. The bodywork is wide, the amount of elbow space being notable. In Britain, Sciroccos come in two types, the GLS with 86 bhp carburettor engine, and the GTI with 96 bhp fuel-injected motor. The latter model is good for 115 mph but comes with left-hand drive only. The 100 mph GLS has right-hand drive, and like its more-powerful stablemate has a lift-up tailgate for luggage-loading. Rear windows have wash/wipe equipment, and the 'rubbery' bumpers are energy-absorbing.

(Motor Show report)


GL (R4 cyl, 895 ccm, 40 PS)
S/LS/GLS (R4 cyl, 1093 ccm, 50 PS)
LS/GLS (R4 cyl, 1272 ccm, 60 PS)
  Limousine 3-dr (wb: 2335 mm)



GL (R4 cyl, 895 ccm, 40 PS)
S/LS/GLS (R4 cyl, 1093 ccm, 50 PS)
LS/GLS (R4 cyl, 1093 ccm, 60 PS)
  Limousine 2-dr (wb: 2335 mm)



Golf/L (R4 cyl, 1093 ccm, 50 PS)
S/LS/GLS (R4 cyl, 1457 ccm, 70 PS)
D/LD/GLD (R4 cyl, disesel, 1471 ccm, 50 PS)
 Limousine 3-dr (wb: 2400 mm)
 Limousine 5-dr (wb: 2400 mm)
GTI (R4 cyl, inj, 1588 ccm, 110 PS)
 Limousine 3-dr (wb: 2400 mm)



L/LX (R4 cyl, 1297 ccm, 55 PS) - GL from July
S/LS/GLS (R4 cyl, 1588 ccm, 75 PS)
LS/GLS (R4 cyl, 1588 ccm, 85 PS)
D/LD/GLD (R4 cyl, diesel, 1471 ccm, 50 PS) - July
 Limousine 2-dr (wb: 2470 mm)
 Limousine 4-dr (wb: 2470 mm)
 Kombi-Limousine 3-dr (wb: 2470 mm)
 Kombi-Limousine 5-dr (wb: 2470 mm)
 Variant 5-dr (wb: 2470 mm)



L (R4 cyl, 1093 ccm, 50 PS)
S/LS/GL/GT (R4 cyl, 1457 ccm, 70 PS)
S/LS/GL/GT (R4 cyl, 1588 ccm, 85 PS)
GTI/GLI (R4 cyl, 1588 ccm, 110 PS)
  Coupé 3-dr (wb: 2400 mm)


Karmann Cabriolet

Karmann Cabriolet (B4 cyl, 1584 ccm, 50 PS; wb: 2420 mm)



181 (B4 cyl, 1584 ccm, 48 PS; wb: 2400 mm) - discontinued



T-2 (B4 cyl, 1970 ccm, 70 PS)

Prototyp z napędem 4 kół.


Iltis (R4 cyl, 1714 ccm, 75 PS; wb: 2017 mm) - new model for military only


VW in the USA