Classic Car Catalogue

Willys 1960

Aero - Willys – new model in March  
Renault Dauphine – new model  
Rural – new model  
Pick-up Jeep – new model  
Saci – prototype  

Nowa stylizacja przodu modeli Rural. Premiera czterodrzwiowego Jeepa CJ-6 i Pick-upa oraz modelu Rural z napędem 4x2.

At the first Brazil Auto Salon held from November 26 to December 11, 1960 at the 20,000m² of Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo, Willys Overland do Brasil SA launched several new vehicles such as the Jeep CJ-6 with 4 doors, the Pick Up Willys, the Dauphine and the new experimental car called Saci. The Saci is based on the mechanics of Rural Willys from which it uses the chassis, engine, transmission, axles and the front of the body.

Semi-square rear wheel arches on the Jeep.

Redesigned Rural with a new front is now all Brasil built. Pick-up version with 2 wheel-drive only.

Start of production of the Aero-Willys, 40% of nationalization, identical to American Aero Agle, Brazilian motor BF161 - 90cv / 2600cc.


Aero - Willys




Renault Dauphine




Rural and Pick-up Jeep




Saci (prototype)