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Willys 1967

Aero Willys 2600 – facelift  
Renault Gordini    
Pick-up Jeep    


W ubiegłym roku Willys Overland do Brasil opanował 52,6% tamtejszego rynku Pick-upów, notując dziesięcioprocentowy wzrost w stosunku do roku 1965. Zarówno Rural jak Pick-up dostępne są z napędem na dwa lub cztery koła.

On October 9, 1967, Ford took control of troubled Willys-Overland do Brasil S.A. as majority shareholder and integrated the factory in São Bernardo do Campo as well as the product mix of two mid-range sedans, the Aero-Willys and the Willys Itamaraty, the utility vehicle Willys Rural, the Pick-Up truck and the ever popular off-roader Willys Jeep into their Brazilian line-up. When Ford acquired Willys' Brazilian operation, they also inherited a work-in-progress that evolved into the front-wheel drive Ford Corcel, that was widely based on the Renault 12, but had its very own design.
New Itamaraty - new grille, optional vinyl roof, new taillights, new interior trim, more powerful engine 3000cc / 130cv and launch of the largest Executivo Itamaraty and more polished, with other comfort items. Across the Aero line, new instrument cluster with five dials (Odometer / Speedometer, Gasoline, oil pressure, ammeter and temperature), new taillights hind lenses of 3 colors (red / yellow / white), new steering box softer and new standard and optional upholstery in leather.


Gordini III

wb: 2270 mm 4 cyl.
845 cm³
40 hp (SAE)
Sedan 4-dr Gordini III



Aero Willys 2600

wb: 2738 mm 6 cyl.
2640 cm³
110 hp (SAE)
Sedan 4-dr


Deska rozdzielcza modelu 2600.


Itamaraty and Executivo

  wb: 6 cyl.
3014 cm³
132 hp (SAE)
Sedan 4-dr 2738 mm Itamaraty
Limousine 3450 mm Executivo


Executivo produkowany tylko w tym roku.

Rural, Pickup and Jeep

  wb: 6 cyl.
2640 cm³
90 hp (SAE)
Kombi 2-dr 2654 mm Rural
Pick-up 2654 mm Jeep
Jeep 2057 mm Universal
Jeep 2565 mm 101


Own Jeep versions are build by Willys-Overland do Brasil, also a subsidiary of Kaiser. For the Jeep Universal, the Brazilian company uses its own 2.6-liter six-cylinder, 90 SAE-PS engine, the same as in the sedan Aero-Willys 2600.




Wyczynowy prototyp z dwulitrowym silnikem.