Wolseley 1948

Great Britain

Eight – end of prod. in October        
Ten – end of prod.        
12/48 Series III – end of prod. in October        
14/60 Series III – end of prod.        
18/85 Series III – end of prod. in December        
25 Series III – end of prod.        
4/50 – new model        
6/80 – new model        
Oxfrod Taxicab          


Wolseley Twelve (12/48), Series III, a basically pre-war car was superseded in October by a new model, the Four-fifty. The Wolseley Eight, Ten, Fourteen (14/60), Eighteen (18/85) and Twenty-five were also phased out during the year.

Up market versions of Morris Oxford MO/ MS Series, the 4/50 and 6/80 has long bonnets and traditional Wolseley radiators. The 4/50 has 51 bhp 1476 cc overhead cam four, and 70 mph. The 6/80 has 72 bhp six cylinder overhead cam 2215 cc unit with twin SU's and top speed of 85 mph. Extended wheel base in 6/80. But both cars has torsion bar ifs and cart sprung rear, and four speed column change. Bishops cam steering, and interior are based on Morris, but with leather trim and wood veneer dash.

Nowe modele Wolseley'a bazują na największym z nowych Morrisów - Six MS.




4/40 and 6/80

4/50 4 cyl, 1476 c.c., 51 bhp – new model
6/80 6 cyl, 2215 c,c,, 72 bhp – new model

Wolseley 6/80. Pokaz przedpremierowy.