Classic Car Catalogue

Wolseley 1934

Great Britain

Nine (4cyl.) - new model
 Saloon £179
Hornet 12 (6cyl.)
 Saloon £215
 Saloon 4-door £198.10
 Occasional Four Coupé £245
Hornet Special 12 – ost.rok
  chassis £178
Hornet Special 14 – new model for '35
  chassis £180
 Saloon £330
 Saloon £415
 Chassis £315 

Nine and Hornet

Better than ever this year!
  The Hornet is world-famous as the first, and still the best "twelve-six" ever built. This year's model makes a further striking advance on the most progressive lines. Easy driving is a special feature. Controlled free-wheeling gives a clutchless gear-change and together with synhromesh gears makes "changing" the simpliest possible operation. The roomy coachwork has the most delightful lines. Other special features such as underslung compound frame, automatic ignition control, battery master switch, compensated voltage control, etc., combine to make this car the finest of its type ever produced. The £ 198.10 model is retained, with synchromesh gears, etc., added for 1934 – giving the Hornet enthusiast still greater choice.

Nine, October '33

Hornet, October '33.








  wb:       6 cyl. ohc
1604 cc
chassis 7' 11''       Special 14 - new



Motor SportOctober 1934
The Wolseley Company has taken advantage of the new 15s. per h.p. tax to increase the size of the engine in the Hornet Special to 1,604 c.c., with a revised rating of £10 per annum. The wisdom of this policy will be endorsed by all who appreciate the enjoyment of a good power reserve without the accompaniment of excessive “revs,” and the new Hornet Special should prove to be a comfortable and rapid vehicle. Chassis only are available, as in the past, but a wide range of bodies is marketed by many well known coachbuilders.



Hornet Special


Hornet, October '33 advert.

Sixteen and 21/60

16 h.p. Saloon



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
20-26.01.1934 Rallye Monte Carlo 1 ? 0 94 Shade