Classic Car Catalogue

Wolseley 1949

Great Britain

4/50 (4 cyl, 1476 cc, 51 bhp)
6/80 (6 cyl, 2215 cc, 72 bhp)
Oxford Taxicab (4 cyl, 1802.5 cc)



Wolseley 1949 programme consists of two four-door Saloons, the Four-Fifty and the slightly longer Six-Eighty. They share the bodywork and many other components with the Morris Oxford and Six, but has their own distinctive radiator grilles with the traditional illuminated radiator badge. The engines are similar in design, differing only in the number of cylinders and carburettors (Four-Fifty: single-carb. 51 -bhp 1476-cc Four; Six-Eighty: twin-carb. 72-bhp 2215-cc Six). Bore and stroke are the same, 73.5 x 87 mm; both engines has an overhead camshaft. Prices are £704 and £767, wheelbase 8 ft 6 in and 9 ft 2 in respectively.

Wolseley 4/50

Wolseley 6/80





Wolseley produced a small number of pilot models of the new British Army FV1800 Series ¼-ton 4 x 4 vehicle, which is developed from the Nuffield 'Gutty' and powered by a Rolls-Royce B40 petrol engine. In one British Military publication the vehicle is listed as "FV1801 Wolseley B. Jeep"; it is also known as Wolseley GP Vehicle, 5-cwt, 4 x 4.