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Wolseley 1954

Great Britain

6/80 (6 cyl, 2215 cm³, 72 KM) – discontinued in October.
4/44 (4 cyl, 1250 cm³, 47 KM)
6/90 (6 cyl, 2639 cm³, 90 KM) – new model
Oxford Hire Car

Wolseley 6/80

Nadwozie nowego Wolseley'a 6/90 jest takie samo jak Riley'a Pathfindera a 4/44 jak MG Magnette. Wynika to z polityki unifikacji i oszczędności prowadzonej przez BMC. 6/90 jest następcą 6/80.

The Six-Eighty was continued until October 1954 when it was replaced by the Six-Ninety.

Sharing a body shape with the Riley Pathfinder, 6/90 of 1954 stands 2" higher, and has traditional Wolseley grille with illuminated badge. Engine is 90 bhp C series 2639cc giving 90 mph top speed. Four speed box has column change. Separate chassis has coil spring and wishbone front suspension, and coil spring and radius arm rear. Interior is leather trimmed with wood cappings.

12 pages brochure.

Wolseley 4/44 - Australian advert.


Wolseley 6/90