Classic Car Catalogue

Wolseley 1955

Great Britain

4/44 (4 cyl, 1250 cm³, 47 KM)
6/90 (6 cyl, 2639 cm³, 90 KM)
Oxford Hire Car - ost.rok


Wolseley Six/Ninety Saloon is an addition to the Four/Forty-Four which continues unchanged; the Six/Eighty model was discontinued last year. The new car has a six-cylinder 2½-litre 95-bhp power unit with twin carburettors and a full-width six-seater body, rather similar to the Four/Forty-Four but with a separate chassis, straight-through wings, less thrust forward grille, narrower tray behind the front bumper and full length base-line body flanges.




Six/Ninety 18 pages brochure.