Classic Car Catalogue

III Avusrennen

21 May 1933
AVUS - Berlin


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Voiturette entries and results:
No. Driver: Car: Model: Engine:   Entrant: Class: Pos.: Result: Laps: Time:
1 Ernst Burggaller Bugatti T51A 1.5 S-8 E. Burggaller 0.8→1.5 2nd 02nd 10 1h 04m 55.2s
2 Hans Rüesch Alfa Romeo 8C-1500 1.5 S-8 H. Rüesch 0.8→1.5 4th 04th 10 1h 16m 14.0s
3 Louis Joly Maserati 26C 1.5 S-8 L. Joly 0.8→1.5 dns dns -  
4 Hans Simons Bugatti T37A 1.5 S-4 H. Simons 0.8→1.5 dnf dnf 00  
5 Pierre Veyron Bugatti T51A 1.5 S-8 Automobiles E. Bugatti 0.8→1.5 1st 01st 10 1h 04m 54.8s
6 Willi Seibel Bugatti T37A 1.5 S-4 W. Seibel 0.8→1.5 5th 09th 10 1h 26m 09.0s
7 Earl Howe Delage 15SB 1.5 S-8 Earl Howe 0.8→1.5 3rd 03rd 10 1h 08m 24.2s
8 Adolf Brudes Bugatti T37A 1.5 S-4 A. Brudes 0.8→1.5 dnf dnf 05  
9 Willi Briem Amilcar CGS 1.1 S-4 W. Briem 0.8→1.5 dnf dnf 05  
10 Louis Decaroli Bugatti T37A 1.5 S-4 L. Decaroli 0.8→1.5 dna dna -  
11 Gerhard Macher DKW 0.7 S-2 G. Macher →0.8 3rd 07th 10 1h 22m 13.6s
12 Walter Bäumer Austin 0.7 S-4 W. Bäumer →0.8 dnf dnf 07  
14 Bobby Kohlrausch Austin 7 0.7 S-4 R. Kohlrausch →0.8 dnf dnf 00  
15 Charles Goodacre Austin 7 0.7 S-4 C. Goodacre →0.8 4th 08th 10 1h 23m 48.0s
16 Ernst von Delius BMW 0.7 E. von Delius →0.8 5th 10th 10 1h 26m 12.2s
17 George Eyston MG G. Eyston →0.8 dna dna -  
18 Ron Horton MG C 0.7 S-4 R. Horton →0.8 1st 05th 10 1h 21m 03.0s
19 Henken Widengren Amilcar H. Widengren →0.8 dnf dnf 02  
20 Donald Barnes Austin 7 0.7 S-4 Austin →0.8 2nd 06th 10 1h 21m 04.2s
Fastest lap:
Pierre Veyron (Bugatti): 186.9 km/h (6m 17.0 s)
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Entries and results:
No. Driver: Car: Model: Engine:   Entrant: Result: Laps: Time:
21 Manfred von Brauchitsch Mercedes-Benz SSKL 7.1 S-6 Daimler-Benz A.G. 6th 15 1h 39m 42.6s
22 Otto Merz Mercedes-Benz SSKL 7.1 S-6 Daimler-Benz A.G dns    
23 Luigi Fagioli Maserati V5 5.0 V-16 Officine A. Maserati dna    
24 Charly Jellen Alfa Romeo Monza 2.3 S-8 C. Jellen 5th 15 1h 35m 33.4s
25 Rudolf Steinweg Bugatti T35C 2.0 S-8 R. Steinweg dnf 01  
26 Tazio Nuvolari Alfa Romeo Monza 2.6 S-8 Scuderia Ferrari 3rd 15 1h 30m 55.8s
27 Mario U. Borzacchini Alfa Romeo Monza 2.6 S-8 Scuderia Ferrari 3rd 15 1h 30m 55.8s
28 Louis Chiron Alfa Romeo Monza 2.3 S-8 L. Chiron dnf 01  
29 László Hartmann Bugatti T51 2.3 S-8 L. Hartmann 7th 15 1h 44m 14.0s
30 Hans Stuber Bugatti T51 2.3 S-8 H. Stuber dna    
31 "Williams" Bugatti T54 5.0 S-8 Automobiles E. Bugatti dnf 07  
32 Achille Varzi Bugatti T54 5.0 S-8 Automobiles E. Bugatti 1st 15 1h 25m 24.4s
33 Stanisłas Czaykowski Bugatti T54 5.0 S-8 S. Czaykowski 2nd 15 1h 25m 24.6s
34 Eugenio Siena Alfa Romeo Monza 2.6 S-8 Scuderia Ferrari dnf 10  
35 Kaye Don Bugatti T54 5.0 S-8 K. Don dna    
Fastest lap:
Stanislav Czaykowski (Bugatti): 221.7 km/h (5m17.8s)
Winner's average speed: 206.9 km/h
Motor SportJune 1933

They're off! The big cars get away from the line. The car on the left is the steremline Mercedes.
THE Avus Grand Prix, held on May 21st, resulted in a splendid victory for Bugatti, when Achille Varzi was returned the winner at a speed of 129 m.p.h. for the distance of 184 miles. Varzi drove a 4.9 litre Bugatti, and he was followed only 1/5th of a second later by Count Czaikowski on a similar car.
The practice rounds during the week were marred by a fatal accident to the German driver, Otto Merz, who was taken unawares by a rain shower which caused him to skid. His aerodynamically streamlined Mercedes-Benz turned over, killing the driver instantly. Merz had been employed in an official capacity for the Mercedes company for many years, but had not actually raced since 1930. His victory in the German G.P. at Nurburg in 1927 will probably he remembered by our readers.
The day opened with a race for cars up to 1,500 c.c., which produced 16 starters. Of these there were five Bugattis, Earl Howe's Delage, and an Alfa Romeo of 1,500 c.c., two Amilcars of 1,100 c.c., and the rest were composed of Horton's M.G.Midget, Barnes and Goodacre's Austins, two other Austins, a B.M.W. and a D.K.W. of 750 c.c. This wide divergence in the matter of engine size led to much straggling of the cars, so that there were in fact two races being run at the same time. On the fall of the flag the German driver, Burggaller (Bugatti) took the lead, and kept ahead for over a lap. Then Veyron, on an 8 cylinder car of the same make, got by and remained in the lead until the end. Burggaller continued to press, but Earl Howe was not fast enough on his Delage and fell steadily behind. Of the 750's, a great duel was waged between the Austins and Horton's Midget, the latter eventually winning by 39 seconds from Barnes.
Previous winners:
Caracciola (Mercedes-Benz), 115 m.p.h.
Unlimited, Von Brauchitsch (Mercedes Benz), 122 m.p.h.;
1,500 c.c., Earl Howe (Delage), 109 m.p.h.
Race organised by Automobile Club von Deutschland.
Length of race:
Unlimited 184 miles;
1,500 c.c., 122 miles.
Length of lap : 12.18 m.p.h.
Great excitement was predicted for the unlimited capacity race. During the first lap the lead was taken by Count Czaikowski's 4.9 Bugatti, a car which 15 days previously had broken the world's hour record on this very track. It was obvious that the 4.9 Bugattis were much the fastest machines in the race, and the Count and Achille Varzi soon left the rest of the field astern. Von Brauchitsch did his best to uphold the name of his native land, but was forced to change many tyres on his Mercedes-Benz, with consequent loss of time. Nuvolari and Borzacchini eventually outlived the rest of their immediate competitors, but were unable to prevent the 4.9 Bugattis from steadily gaining ground. Chiron was soon in difficulties with his Alfa Romeo, and Williams retired after an outbreak of fire on his 4.9 Bugatti.
As a spectacle of sheer speed the Avus race is magnificent, for the cars tear down the long straights between pine woods at anything up to 160 m.p.h. The greater engine size of the Bugattis began to tell, and barring accidents, their ultimate victory was assured. Of the drivers, there seemed nothing to choose between Varzi and Czaikowski. For 13 out of the 15 laps the latter led. Then Varzi made his spurt, and with a great effort got into the lead on the 14th lap. But Czaikowski was not yet beaten.
Tremendous excitement reigned all round the course as the cars entered their last lap. Czaikowski used all his intimate knowledge of the difficult corners joining the two six mile straights to wrest the lead from Varzi, but he could not do it. Varzi was his match, and by a piece of superb driving held on to his lead tenaciously until the end, thereby winning the Hindenburg Cup. Nuvolari and Borzacchini brought there Alfas over the line simultaneously to tie for third place.
Seen through the netting in the front of the stands, the great duel between Varzi and Czaikowski.
The results were as follows:
Over 1,600 c.c.
1. A. Varzi (Bugatti 4,900 c.c.), 1h. 24m. 24 2/5s. Average speed 128.56 m.p.h.
2. Count Czaikowski (Bugatti 4,900 c.c.), 1h. 25m. 24 2/3s.
3. T. Nuvolari and M. Borzacchini (Alfa Romeo 2,600 c.c.), 1h. 30m. 55 4/5s.
5. C. Jellen (Alfa Romeo 2,300 c.c.), 1h. 35m. 33 2/4s.
6. Von Brauchitsch (Mercedes-Benz 7,020 c.c.), 1h. 39m. 42 3/5s.
7. L. Hartmann (Bugatti 2,300 c.c.), 1h. 44m. 14s.
Under 1,500 c.c.
1. P. Veyron (Bugatti 1,500 c.c.), 1h. 4m. 54 4/5s. Average speed 113 m.p.h.
2. H. Burggaller (Bugatti 1,500 c.c.), 1h. 4m. 55 1/5s.
3. Earl Howe (Delage 1,500 c.c.), 1h. 8m. 24 1/5s.
4. H. Ruesch ( Alfa Romeo 1,500 c.c.), 1h. 16m. 14s.
5. R. T. Horton (M.G. 746 c.c.), 1h. 21m. 3s.
6. J. Barnes (Austin 747 c.c.), 1h. 21m. 42s.
7. G. Mather (D.K.W. 798 c.c.), 1h. 22rn. 13 3/5s.
8. L. Goodacre (Austin 747 c.c.), 1h. 23m. 48s.
9. W. Slibel (Bugatti 1,500 c.c.), 1h. 26m. 9s.
10. V. Delius (B.M.W. 748 c.c.), 1h. 26m. 12 1 /5s.