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Bol d'Or

Bol d'Or
16 May 1932
St. Germain


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No. Driver: Car: Engine: Entrant: Position: Class: Pos: Distance:
  Cheret Sphinx-Staub       3-wheel 350 cc 1st 881.98 km
  Biolay Monotrace       3-wheel 500 cc 1st 1279.08 km
  Mme. Violette-Morris Sandford       3-wheel 750 cc 1st 890.34 km
17 Sandford Sandford     1st 3-wheel 1100 cc 1st 1763.96 km
  Colin Colin       voiturette 350 cc 1st 957.2 km
  Violet Major       voiturette 500 cc 1st 1542.42 km
  Bertholon Bertholon       voiturette 750 cc 1st 1107.7 km
  Brissot-Desmaillet Antony       sports 350 cc 1st 806.7 km
  Jacob Rosengart       sports 750 cc 1st 145.46 km
  Vallon Licorne       sports 1100 cc 1st 1701.26 km
  Galocsy Licorne       sports 1100 cc 2nd  
  Antony Antony       racing 350 cc 1st 633.54 km
  Vroonen Gillet-Herstall       racing 500 cc 1st 1350.14 km
  Hellouin Rosengart       racing 750 cc 1st 1496.4 km
  Martin Amilcar       racing 1100 cc 1st 1538.24 km
  Mehais B.N.C. 527       sports 1100 cc 3rd  
Motor SportJune 1932

This 24-hour race for 3-wheeled and 4-wheeled cyclecars was run off under very wet weather conditions on May 16th and resulted in a win for the designer-driver Sandford on the 3-wheeler bearing his name. He covered the greatest distance of any vehicle, the event being for machines up to 1,100 c.c. capacity, with separate categories down to 350 c.c., both sports and racing. Other particularly meritorious performances included that of Vallon and Galocsy, on Licornes, who were 1st and 2nd in the 1,100 c.c. sports 4-wheeler class at a higher speed than the corresponding racing class. The circuit, owing to the rain, resembled a skating rink, and crashes were fairly numerous. As a test of endurance this race for the Bol d'Or, the 11th of the series, was the most arduous of any, and it was not till the 23rd hour that the weather relented, and the crowds increased once more to welcome the winner.
The class winners were as follows :
350 c.c., Cheret (Sphinx-Staub), 881.98 km.
500 c.c., Biolay (Monotrace), 1,279.08 km.
750 c.c., Mme. Violette-Morris (Sandford), 890.34 km.
1,100 c.c., Sandford (Sandford), 1,763.96 km. (best distance any class), 73.5 k.p.h.
350 c.c. Colin (Colin), 957.2 km.
500 c.c. Violet (Major), 1,542.42 km.
750 c.c. Bertholon (Bertholon) 1,107.7 km.
350 c.c. Antony (Antony), 633.54 km.
500 c.c. Vroonen (Gillet-Herstall), 1,350.14 km. (class record).
750 c.c. Hellouin (Rosengart), 1,496.4 km.
1,100 c.c. Martin (Amilcar), 1,538.24 km.
350 c.c. Brissot-Desmaillet (Antony), 806.7 km. (class record).
750 c.c. Jacob (Rosengart), 1,45.46 km.
1,100 c.c. Vallon (Licorne), 1,701.26 km.