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B.A.R.C. Whit-Monday Meeting

B.A.R.C. Whit-Monday Meeting
5 June 1933
Cobham Junior Short Handicap
Cobham Senior Short Handicap
Cobham Lightning Short Handicap
First Cobham Mountain Handicap
Second Cobham Mountain Handicap
Cobham Junior Long Handicap
"Gold Star" Handicap
Cobham Senior Long Handicap
Third Cobham Mountain Handicap
Fourth Cobham Mountain Handicap

Great Britain

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Cobham Junior Short Handicap entries and results:
No. Driver: Car: Model: Engine: Entrant: Handicap: Result:
  A. Esson-Scott Bugatti   1,900 c.c.   13s. 1st
  Miss Eileen Ellison Bugatti   1,490 c.c.   48s. 2nd
15 G. L. Baker Minerva   5,954 c.c.   56s. 3rd
  Hon. Mrs. Chetwynd M.G.          
  "S. Richards" Frazer Nash          
  T. G. Moore Frazer Nash          
13 starters
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Cobham Senior Short Handicap entries and results:
No. Driver: Car: Model: Engine: Entrant: Handicap: Result:
9 H. J. Aldington Frazer Nash   1,496 c.c.   60s. 1st
  Miss G. Hedges Talbot 90 2,276 c.c.   71s. 2nd
  Lt.-Cdr. R. T. Grogan Frazer Nash   1,496 c.c. (s)   48s. 3rd
  Chetwynd M.G. Midget        
15 G. T. Baker Minerva   5.954 c.c.      
  W. E. Humphreys Alvis          
  C. G. M. Boote Riley          
  L. P. Driscoll Austin         dnf
  Mrs. K. Petre Bugatti          
  S. W. Jackson Riley          
  C. T. Delaney Lea Francis          
  Miss I. C. Schwedler Alvis          
  T. R. Wisdom Leyland Thomas         dnf
  E. Bacon Rover         dns
  Miss Joan Richmond Ballot         dns
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Cobham Lightning Short Handicap entries and results:
No. Driver: Car: Model: Engine: Entrant: Handicap: Result:
  A. H. L. Eccles Bugatti   1,496 c.c.   57s. 1st
  R. Morgan Invicta   4,467 c.c.   23s. 2nd
  R. J. Munday Munday-Special   4,310 c.c.   27s. 3rd
  L. P. Driscoll Austin          
  T. A. S. O. Mathieson Bugatti   2 litre      
  Frank Hallam Alvis f.w.d. 8 cyl.      
  J. Cumming Maserati          
  Parry Thomas Leyland Thomas     E. L. Bouts    
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First Cobham Mountain Handicap entries and results:
No. Driver: Car: Model: Engine: Entrant: Handicap: Result:
  R. Morgan Invicta   4,467 c.c.   58s. 1st
  C. T. Delaney Lea-Francis   1,496c.c. (s)   58s. 2nd
9 H. J. Aldington Frazer Nash   1,496 c.c.   49s. 3rd
  A. Powys-Lybbe Alvis       89s.  
  R. G. J. Nash Nash Special          
  R. E. L. Featherstonhaugh Alfa Romeo          
  Esson-Scott Bugatti          
  A. N. L. Maclachlan Austin          
  Whitney Straight Maserati          
  Cumming Maserati          
  A. H. L. Eccles Bugatti         dnf
  Mathieson Bugatti          
  R. A. Yallop M.G. Magnette       dns
  R. O. Shuttleworth Bugatti         dns
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Second Cobham Mountain Handicap entries and results:
No. Driver: Car: Model: Engine: Entrant: Handicap: Result:
  T. G. Moore Frazer Nash   1,496 c.c.   36s. 1st
  K. Rayson Riley   1,089 c.c.   31s. 2nd
  A. C. Lace Invicta   4,467 c.c.   12s. 3rd
  E. K. Rayson Riley          
  W. G. Everitt M.G.         dsq
  F. A. Longman Andre   V6      
  Powys-Lybbe Alvis          
  W. A. R. Farmiloe Lombard         dns
  E. N. Ward Riley         dns
  Raymond Way Rover         dns
  H. Widengren Amilcar         dns
  J. C. Graham Harris Special         dns
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Cobham Junior Long Handicap entries and results:
No. Driver: Car: Model: Engine: Entrant: Handicap: Result:
  C. G. M. Boote Riley   1,089 c.c.   34s. 1st
  W. A. Cuthbert Riley   1,089 c.c.   5s. 2nd
  J. H. Parsons Alvis   1,513 c.c. (s)   39s. 3rd
  Chetwynd M.G. Midget        
  E. N. Ward Riley          
  D. L. Briault Wolseley Hornet Special        
  Metcalfe Abbot Nash          
  W. E. Humphreys Alvis          
  R. L. Bellam Frazer Nash          
  C. G. Dunham Alvis          
  Frank Hallam Alvis T.T. 8 cyl.      
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"Gold Star" Handicap entries and results:
No. Driver: Car: Model: Engine: Entrant: Handicap: Result:
  C. Brackenbury Bugatti   1,496 c.c.   120s. 1st
  Oliver Bertram Delage   10,688 c.c.   5s. 2nd
  T. H. Wisdom Leyland Thomas   8,464 c.c.   21s. 3rd
  Whitney Straight Maserati          
  C. J. Turner Bentley 4½ litre (s)     dnf
  H. T. H. Clayton Amilcar         dnf
  J. H. Bartlett Salmson          
  R. R. Jackson M.G.          
  O. Bertram Delage          
  Dixon           dnf
  L. P. Driscoll Austin         dnf
  Kaye Don Bugatti   4.9     dns
  T. S. Fothringham Bugatti   2.3     dns
  Widengren Amilcar         dns
  Cuming Maserati         dns
18 entered.
11 started
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Cobham Senior Long Handicap entries and results:
No. Driver: Car: Model: Engine: Entrant: Handicap: Result:
  C. J. Turner Bentley   4,398 c.c. (s)   10s. 1st
  H. T. H. Clayton Amilcar   1,093 c.c. (s)   40s. 2nd
  W. Y. Craig Bugatti   1,990 c.c. (s) Mathieson Scratch 3rd
  R. Morgan Invicta          
  V. Dixon Riley          
  R. L. Duller Bugatti          
  R. R. K. Marker Bentley          
  R. T. Horton M.G. Magnette        
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Third Cobham Mountain Handicap entries and results:
No. Driver: Car: Model: Engine: Entrant: Handicap: Result:
  1. W. L. Thompson, Junr. Austin   749 c.c. (s)   36s. 1st
  T. P. Cholmondeley Tapper Bugatti   1,496 c.c.   18s. 2nd
  A. C. Lace Invicta   4,467 c.c.   12s. 3rd
  Kenneth Evans M.G.   747 c.c. (s)     4th
  Rayson Riley          
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Fourth Cobham Mountain Handicap entries and results:
No. Driver: Car: Model: Engine: Entrant: Handicap: Result:
  Kenneth D. Evans M.G.   747 c.c. (s)   61s. 1st
  J. Lemon Burton Bugatti   1,496 c.c. (s)   44s. 2nd
  H. Rignold Alfa-Romeo   1,484 c.c. (s) Featherstonhaugh 48s. 3rd
  Horton M.G. Magnette       dnf
  R. H. H. Eccles Frazer Nash          
  Whitney Straight Maserati         dnf
Motor Sport July 1933

THE B..A.R.C. Meetings at Brooklands show little signs of waning popularity among drivers, in spite of a certain amount of dissatisfaction, for so many entries were received for the racing on Whit-Monday that the programme had to be increased from nine to ten races. This satisfactory state of affairs did not apply to the spectators, and in spite of an attractive entry list the attendance showed an appreciable ailing off from previous meetings this year. Of course it was a very hot day, and one could not help thinking that many people stayed away because the accommodation for spectators is far from comfortable. Those in the Paddock, in particular, have no seats at all provided for them, while the blistering heat of the ash-dump at the Fork defied description.
Of the racing itself, the most important event was the Gold Star, which provided a runaway win for Charles Brackenbury on his well-tuned 1½ litre Bugatti. A good many drivers lost a lot of time in this race by failing to have their engines running when the flag was dropped. Bad driving was also seen in other races, many cars being far too high on the banking, making the job of passing a highly dangerous and sometimes impossible one. Unless strong action is taken by the officials to check this habit, it will certainly lead to a fatal accident in the near future; that nothing serious happened on Whit-Monday in one case was only due to fine driving by the driver of the faster car, who was forced to put his off side wheel's over the edge of the track to pass. No one can be expected to get away with that experience every time.
For the first time, we believe, two cars collided in a Mountain race. It is rather surprising that this has not happened before, considering the innumerable different courses it is possible to take on the corners, owing to the width of the track as compared with a road. In this case the "collider" apparently transgressed the rule of passing inside a car in front, between thel yellow lines at the Fork. This rule, when observed, does prevent collisions from the inside, but there seems no way of avoiding a "bump" caused by the front car swinging wide and baulking a driver passing on the outside as the cars come out of the corner.
Finally, lady drivers competed for the first time in the ordinary long and short handicaps. With one exception they all drove safely and steadily, kept low on the banking, and scored two "seconds" among eight starters.
Cobham Junior Short Handicap (6½ miles).
1. A. Esson-Scott (Bugatti, 1,900 c.c.) 13s.
2. Miss E. Ellison (Bugatti, 1,490 c.c.) 48s.
3. G. T. Baker (Minerva, 5.954 c.c.) 56s.
Won by 3 yards at 100.47 m.p.h.; 75 yards between second and third.
The Hon. Mrs. Chetwynd (M.G.) was the first away of a field of 13, and established quite a nice lead on the first lap. The "hounds" in the rear were closing up rapidly, however, G. L. Baker (Minerva), "S. Richards" (Frazer Nash), T. G. Moore (Frazer Nash) and Miss Eileen Wilson (Bugatti) all gaining ground hand over fist, and having many a tense scrap among themselves. On the second lap Mrs. Chetwynd was swamped by a pack of cars, and it looked as though the blue Minerva would win. Then Miss Ellison forged ahead and a triumphant debut for the ladies in Brooklands races seemed imminent. All this while A. Esson-Scott, who had started from virtual scratch at 13 seconds, had been bending the floor-boards of his Bugatti to such purpose that he suddenly loomed up among the leaders. The picture of the two Bugattis, Miss Ellison's white and Esson-Scott's black, would have made a very good advertisement for a certain brand of whisky, as they swept off the Members Banking down into the Railway Straight. The finish was really exciting, Esson-Scott just scraping by to win by 3 yards from Miss Ellison, with the gallant old 6 litre Minerva 75 yards away.
H. J. Aldington (Frazer Nash) passing G. L. Baker (Minerva) to win the second race at 91.51 m.p.h.
Cobham Senior Short Handicap (6½ miles).
1. H. J. Aldington (Frazer Nash, 1,496 c.c.) 60s.
2. Miss G. Hedges (Talbot, 2,276 c.c.) 71s.
3. Lt.-Cdr. R. T. Grogan (Frazer-Nash, S., 1,496 c.c.) 48s.
Won by 3 yards at 91.51 m.p.h.; 100 yards between second and third.
Non-starters for this race were E. Bacon (Rover) and Miss Joan Richmond (Ballot). The former sold his car just before the Meeting, while Miss Richmond received everyone's sympathy when she discovered that the old Ballot she had recently bought from Jack Dunfee was barred from Brooklands racing by the age-limit. Once again time Chetwynd Midget was limit-car, this time with the masculine member of that sporting couple at the wheel. The little silver and red car was still in the lead at the end of the first lap, followed by Miss G. Hedges (Talbot 90), G. T, Baker (Minerva), H. J. Aldington (Frazer Nash), Lt.-Cdr, R. T. Grogan (Frazer Nash), W. E. Humphreys (Alvis), C. G. M. Boote (Riley), L. P. Driscoll (Austin), Mrs. K. Petre (Bugatti), S. W. Jackson (Riley), C. T. Delaney (Lea Francis), Miss I. C. Schwedler (Alvis), and T. R. Wisdom (Leyland Thomas).
The Leyland retired, and it looked as though the final battle would be between Grogan's Frazer Nash and Driscoll's Austin. On the next lap Grogan moved up four places into the lead, travelling at a tremendous pace, his speed being round about 115 m.p.h. The Austin, lapping at well over 100 m.p.h., had also gained ground and had passed four cars. At the end of the second lap the order was: Grogan, Aldington, Miss Hedges and Driscoll, but then the Austin slowed and dropped out of the running. Just as it seemed that Grogan would score a comfortable win his car began to miss, the trouble being a punctured float chamber. He kept going, but Aldington and Miss Hedges were too near, and crossed the line first in that order, with Grogan third.
After the race Miss Hedges was warned for having crossed the line at the Fork.
Sunshine, speed and shadow. R Morgan (Invicta) takes
the Members' Bridge corner ahead of C. T. Delaney (Lea Francis).
Cobham Lightning Short Handicap (6½ miles).
1. A. H. L. Eccles (Bugatti, 1,496 c.c ) 57s.
2. R. Morgan (Invicta, 4,467 c.c.) 23s.
3. R. J. Munday (Munday-Special, 4,310 c.c ) 27s.
Won by 30 yards at 86.8 m.p.h.; 100 yards between second and third.
The first of the long handicaps was disappointing. With a two litre Bugatti on scratch one missed the really fast cars of yore, such as Sir Henry Birkin on the Bentley and John Cobb on the 10 litre Delage. At the end of the first lap Driscoll's Austin had taken the lead from A. H. L. Eccles (Bugatti), who was followed by Frank Hallam (Alvis 8 cyl. f.w.d.), R. Morgan (Invicta), R. J. Munday (Munday Special) and J. Cumming (Maserati). T. A. S. O. Mathieson (Bugatti 2 litre), the scratch man, had already caught E. L. Bouts, on the original Leyland Thomas driven by Parry Thomas, and now fitted with a four seater body. On the next lap Eccles (Bugatti) passed Driscoll, and a great tussle was going on between Morgan (Invicta), Munday (Munday Special) and Cumming (Maserati). Unfortunately this dog-fight left no room for anyone else to pass, as Mathieson wished to do when he caught them at the end of the Byfleet banking. Travelling very much faster, he found his passage blocked and waved vigorously at the Fork in an endeavour to attract attention. All round the Home and Members Banking he was held back, but by now it was too late and Eccles was a certain winner. Then, as an odd sort of for Mathieson's bad luck, an oil pipe broke, so that he could not have won the race anyway. Morgan was second and Munday third.
First Cobham Mountain Handicap (6 miles).
1. R. Morgan (Invicta, 4,467 c.c.) 58s.
2. C. T. Delaney (Lea-Francis, S., 1,496c.c ) 58s.
3. H. J. Aldington (Frazer Nash 1,496 c.c.) 49s.
Won by 100 yards at 64.41 m.p.h.; 25 yards between second & third.
There were only two non-starters in the first Mountain race, namely R. O. Shuttleworth (Bugatti) who had met with a slight accident at Biggelswade earlier in the week, and R. A. Yallop, whose M.G. Magnette was not ready in time for the race. Accordingly, A. Powys-Lybbe (Alvis) and Whitney Straight (Maserati) ran instead. Powys-Lybbe was the limit man, with a start of 1 min. 29 secs., and he held his lead for three out of the five laps. All this time R. Morgan (Invicta) and C. T. Delaney (Lea Francis) were second and third respectively, followed by A. N. L. Maclachlan (Austin), H. J. Aldington (Frazer Nash), R. G. J. Nash (Nash Special), R. E. L. Featherstonhaugh (Alfa Romeo) and Esson-Scott (Bugatti). These cars started in that order, and from then on there was little alteration in the placings; Powys-Lybbe fell to fourth place, and Aldington passed Maclachlan. The race was remarkable for the manner in which the back markers were handicapped out of the picture. Straight, in spite of fast driving, only picked up three places, two of which were caused through Cumming (Maserati) and A. H. L. Eccles (Bugatti) retiring. Mathieson (Bugatti), not counting the retirements, stayed where he was, while Featherstonhaugh, Nash, and Esson Scott also failed to alter their positions for better or worse.
Second Cobham Mountain Handicap (6 miles).
1. T. G. Moore (Frazer Nash, 1,496 c.c.) 36s.
2. K. Rayson (Riley, 1,089 c.c ) 31s.
3. A. C. Lace (Invicta, 4,467 c.c.) 12s.
Won by 75 yards at 60.34 m.p.h.; 65 yards between second and third.
The field was reduced in this race by the absence of the scratch man, H. Widengren (Amilcar), J. C. Graham, whose Harris Special was found to be suffering from binding brakes every time a Brooklands bump was traversed, Raymond Way (Rover), E. N. Ward (Riley) and W. A. R. Farmiloe (Lombard).
F. A. Longman, on the interesting Andre V6, was the first away in company with Powys-Lybbe (Alvis). The latter got to the corner first but was going too fast, and avoided striking a barrel by a hair's breadth. On the next lap T. G. Moore (Frazer Nash) got into the lead, closely followed by W. G. Everitt (M.G.). At the Fork, Moore was ahead when Everitt came up on the inside, cornering at the same speed, with the result that the paths of the two cars converged and there was a resounding clash as they bumped together. Meanwhile E. K. Rayson (Riley) had joined the fray, and these three had a great fight until the end of the race, during which Everitt disintegrated a barrel at the Fork. Moore held his lead until the last run up from the Fork, when misfiring set in and Everitt slipped by to cross the line first by half a length. After the race the Stewards issued a statement that they found that Everitt's M.G. had been driven in a wild manner, and the driver had attempted to pass inside Moore's Frazer Nash at the Fork, within the yellow lines. They further decided that Everitt should be excluded from taking part in any more races that day, and that Moore should be declared winner.
Cobham Junior Long Handicap (9 miles).
1. C. G. M. Boote (Riley, 1,089 c.c.) 34s.
2. W. A. Cuthbert (Riley, 1,089 c.c.) 5s.
3. J. H. Parsons (Alvis, S., 1,513 c.c.) 39s.
Won by 700 yards at 90.73 m.p.h.; 100 yards between second and third.
The sixth race provided the easiest victory of the day, the official distance between first and second being given as 700 yards. Chetwynd got away first with the silver and red M.G., pursued by E. N. Ward (Riley), D. L. Briault (Wolseley Hornet Special), Metcalfe (Abbot Nash), J. H. Parsons (Alvis), C. G. M. Boote (Riley), W. E. Humphreys (Alvis), R. L. Bellamy (Frazer Nash), C. G. Dunham (Alvis), W. A. Cuthbert (Riley) and Frank Hallam, on scratch with the 8 cyl. T.T. Alvis.
Boote's car was in fine fettle, and soon began to overhaul the cars ahead. Only Parsons, on a very well kept four seater f.w.d. Alvis succeeded in offering any resistance, but he too was slowly left astern. Cuthbert was the fastest of the back markers, and passed everyone except Boote, who by now was in an invincible position. Parsons scored a well deserved "third" behind Cuthbert.
The winner's salute. Charles Brackenbury (Bugatti) is flagged home first in the Gold Star race.
"Gold Star" Handicap (20 miles).
1. C. Brackenbury (Bugatti, 1,496 c.c.) 2m.
2. Oliver Bertram (Delage, 10,688 c.c.) 5s.
3. T. H. Wisdom (Leyland Thomas, 8,464 c.c.) 21s.
Won by 500 yards at 100 m.p.h.; 150 yards between second and third.
The Gold Star Handicap is always the great event of the Whitsun Meeting, for the winner receives the comprehensive benefits of increased prestige, a "Gold Star," value £50 presented by the" Star" newspaper, and last, but by no means least, a cheque for £100.
Although 18 cars were entered for the race, only 11 came to the line. Of the absentees, Kaye Don's 4.9 Bugatti was not ready in time, T. S. Fothringham's 2.3 Bugatti was suffering from gear-box trouble, Widengren's Amilcar was in throes of engine repairs, and Cuming's M.aserati had cracked up in an earlier race.
The start was an extraordinary affair. After L. P. Driscoll (Austin) and C. Brackenbury (Bugatti) had got away well,a number of drivers were not ready when their turn came to start, endeavouring not to start their engines until the last possible moment. Among these dilatory people we noticed H. T. H. Clayton (Amilcar), J. H. Bartlett (Salmson), R. R. Jackson (M.G.) and O. Bertram (Delage).
The Austin retired on the second lap, and from then onwards Brackenbury was never headed. Clayton retired on the second lap, Dixon on the third, after some fast laps, and Eccles (Bugatti) took up the challenge. Then C. J. Turner came into the picture with his blown 4½ litre Bentley, passing Eccles on the fourth lap, and travelling well. Meanwhile, in the rear Oliver Bertram (Delage) was trying to make up for lost time. He was passed by Whitney Straight (Maserati) who was on scratch, but on the second lap Bertram reversed the positions. Straight was finding the light Maserati exceedingly difficult to hold on the Banking, and wisely refrained from opening out. On the fifth lap Turner retired, when lying second, and at the same time Bertram passed Wisdom (Leyland) to take second place. This manoeuvre nearly caused a bad accident, for the Delage was affected by the windage of the Leyland, which was sufficiently low on the banking at the time for the Delage to pass. Bertram retained control, in spite of a pronounced tail wag, and tore after Brackenbury. The dark red Bugatti was a long way ahead, however, and won comfortably at a speed of exactly 100 miles an hour for the 20 miles.
Whitney Straight (Maserati) goes wide to pass J. Cumming (Maserati) and A. H. L. Eccles (Bugatti).
Cobham Senior Long Handicap (9 miles).
1. C. J. Turner (Bentley, S., 4,398 c.c.) 10s.
2. H. T. H. Clayton (Amilcar, S., 1,093 c.c.) 40s.
3. W. Y. Craig (Bugatti, S., 1,990 c.c.) Scratch.
Won by 100 yards at 111.53 m.p.h.; 3 yards between second and third.
The eighth race marked the very welcome reappearance of W. Y. Craig to Brooklands racing. Craig will be remembered by Track habitues as the owner a few years ago of one of the fastest Bugattis ever seen in this country, with which he held until recently the International Class Record for the standing kilometre. In this race he drove Mathieson's blown two-litre Bugatti.
At the end of the first lap H. T. H. Clayton (Amilcar) led, followed by V. Dixon (Riley), R. Morgan (Invicta), C. J. Turner (Bentley), R. L. Duller (Bugatti), R. R. K. Marker (Bentley), Craig (Bugatti) and R. T. Horton (M.G. Magnette).
Morgan and Marker fell behind, and Horton was unable to make much headway. Clayton continued to cling to the lead at the end of the second lap, pursued by Dixon, Turner, Duller and Craig. On the last lap the back markers began to close up, and Clayton's lead was menaced. At the end of the Railway Straight Turner caught up with Dixon, and tried to pass just as Dixon placed his Riley on the Byfleet Banking. To avoid a collision Turner had to go right to the edge of the track, two wheels went over the edge, and for a moment disaster seemed inevitable. But Turner kept on and got through, raising a great cloud of sand and dust as he swept by.
Dixon could make no impression on the flying Amilcar, and was again passed by Craig, whose Bugatti was travelling very fast quite low on the banking. Craig made a great effort to catch Turner, and Clayton, but missed second place by 3 yards. Turner's winning speed was the highest of the day, 111.53 m.p.h.
Third Cobham Mountain Handicap (6 miles).
1. W. L. Thompson, Junr. (Austin, S., 749 c.c.) 36s.
2. T. P. Cholmondeley Tapper (Bugatti, 1,496 c.c.) 18s
3. A. C. Lace (Invicta, 4,467 c.c.) 12s.
Won by 175 yards at 59.32 m.p.h.; 200 yards between second and third.
W. L. Thompson, Jnr., is a well known and regular competitor at Southport with a supercharged Austin, and in this race he scored his first victory at Brooklands in no unconvincing manner.
Starting from the limit mark he never looked like being caught, although T. P. Cholmondeley Tapper (Bugatti) made a good effort to wipe off his handicap, passing Rayson (Riley) on the fourth lap to take second place.
Kenneth Evans (M.G.) and A. C. Lace (Invicta) had a good scrap from virtual scratch, the larger car having slightly the better of it, and taking third place, while the M.G. finished fourth.
Fourth Cobham Mountain Handicap (6 miles).
1. K. D. Evans (M.G., S., 747 c.c.) 1m 1s.
2. J. Lemon Burton (Bugatti, S., 1,496 c.c.) 44s.
3. H. Rignold (Alfa-Romeo, S., 1,484 c.c.) 48s.
Won by 200 yards at 64.02 m.p.h.; 300 yards between second and third.
Following Thompson's example in the previous race, Kenneth Evans ran out an easy winner of the last race of the meeting, starting from limit. R. H. H. Eccles (Frazer Nash) was second for two laps, when he was passed by H. Rignold, driving Featherstonhaugh's Alfa Romeo. Meanwhile Horton (M.G. Magnette) was making up ground quickly, and took second place from Rignold on the fourth lap, only to fall right back when his car began to misfire. Whitney Straight could not get the engine of the Maserati to start until halfway through the race, and only completed two laps. J. L. Burton (Bugatti) was driving a good race in third place, and on Horton's retirement went up into second. Evans, driving with consistent neatness, was now firmly established and won by 200 yards at the excellent speed of 64.02 m.p.h., with Burton second and Rignold third.