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IX Grand Prix de Picardie

Picardie Grand Prix
21 May 1933
15 laps x 9.765km = 146.5 km (voiturette)
20 laps x 9.765km = 195.3 km (unlimited)


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Voiturette entries and results:
No. Driver: Car: Model: Engine:   Entrant: Result: Laps: Time:
2 André Vagniez Maserati 26C 1.5 S-8 A. Vagniez 2nd 15 1h 23m 32s
4 Alain Guilbaut Bugatti T37A 1.5 S-4 A. Guilbaut 5th 14  
6 Armand Girod Salmson 8C A. Girod dnf    
8 Mme. Anne Rose-Itier Bugatti T51A 1.5 S-8 Mme Rose-Itier 1st 15 1h 15m 56.2s
10 "Gé" Bugatti T37A 1.5 S-4 "Gé" 4th 15 1h 33m 20s
12? Lucien Desvaux Maserati 26C 1.5 S-8 L. Desvaux dnf    
14 Norbert Mahé Bugatti T37A 1.5 S-4 N. Mahé 3rd 15 1h 29m 49s
16? Toni Bugatti T37A 1.5 S-4 Toni dnf    
Fastest lap:
Mme. Anne Rose-Itier (Bugatti): 119.6 km/h (4m 54.0s)
Winner's average speed: 115.7 km/h
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Unlimited entries and results:
No. Driver: Car: Model: Engine:   Entrant: Result: Laps: Time:
2 Philippe Etancelin Alfa Romeo Monza 2.3 S-8 P. Etancelin 1st 20 1h25m36.2s
4 Raymond Sommer Alfa Romeo Monza 2.3 S-8 R. Sommer 2nd 20 1h28m24.0s
6 Marcel Lehoux Bugatti T51 2.3 S-8 M. Lehaux 3rd 20 1h28m28.0s
8 Jean Gaupillat Bugatti T51 2.3 S-8 J. Gaupillat dnf    
10 Pierre Félix Bugatti T35C 2.0 S-8 P. Félix dnf    
12 Guy Bouriat Bugatti T51 2.3 S-8 G. Bouriat acc 10  
14 Benoît Falchetto Bugatti T51 2.3 S-8 B. Falchetto dna    
16 Raoul Miquel Bugatti T35B 2.3 S-8 R. Miquel dnf    
18 "Eric Lora" Bugatti T35C 2.0 S-8 "Eric Lora" 6th 19  
20 Pierre Bussienne Bugatti T51 2.3 S-8 P. Bussienne 5th 20 1h35m44.4s
22 Guy Moll Bugatti T35C 2.0 S-8 G. Moll dna    
24 Bernasconi Bugatti T35C 2.0 S-8 dna    
26 Jean Delorme Bugatti T35C 2.0 S-8 J. Delorme dnf    
28 Julio Villars Alfa Romeo Monza 2.3 S-8 Equipe Villars-Waldthausen 4th 20 1h35m11.0s
30 Horst von Waldthausen Alfa Romeo Monza 2.3 S-8 Equipe Villars-Waldthausen dnf    
32 Willy Longueville Bugatti T35B 2.3 S-8 B. Longueville dna    
34 Louis Trintignant Bugatti T35C 2.3 S-8 L. Trintignant dns    
36 Robert Brunet Bugatti T51 2.3 S-8 R. Brunet acc    
Fastest lap:
Philippe Etancelin (Alfa Romeo): 140.2 km/h (4m 10.8s)
Winner's average speed: 136.9 km/h (85.1 mph)
Motor SportJuly 1933

The Grand Prix of Picardie is one of the few remaining motor-races in the North of France. Organised by the A.C.P.A., the race was run this year on May 21st over the circuit of Peronne. This triangular course is 9 kilometres 765 in length, and runs from Mons-en-Chaussée to Brie, thence to Mesnie-Bruntd, and so back to Mons-en-Chaussée. Great preparations were made by the organisers to ensure the success of the meeting, new grand stands being erected and adequate barricades.
Unhappily the Grand Prix of Picardie for 1933 will go down in motor-racing history as a race of disaster for the French motoring world, in spite of the painstaking efforts of the organisers. The trouble began on the day before the race, when Louis Trintignant was killed in practice. His 2.3 litre Bugatti got out of control after a series of skids and overturned on the corner at Mons-en-Chaussée, in front of the grandstand. Trintignant was thrown out onto the road and was instantly killed. This untimely death of one of the most promising French drivers will be deeply regretted by all followers of motor racing. Trintignant was a wealthy young man and the owner of large vineyards at Chateauneuf-du-Pape.
The Grand Prix was preceded by a race for 1,500 c.c. machines, and the following drivers lined up for the start:—Vagniez (Maserati), Guilbaut (Bugatti), Girod Salmson), Mme. Itier (Bugatti), Gé (Bugatti), Mahé (Bugatti), Devaud (Maserati) and Toni (Bugatti). When the flag fell all the cars got away except Guilbaut's Bugatti, which proved very refractory and caused its driver several minutes delay. From the start it was Mme. Itier's race. Her 8 cylinder Bugatti had the measure of all the other competitors, and she steadily built up a comfortable lead. Vagneiz (Maserati) gave chase at first, but had to call at the pits. Later he caught up again and took second place. Mahée (Bugatti) was third, followed by Gé (Bugatti) and Devaud (Maserati).
15 laps, 146 km. 475.
1. Mme. Itier (Bugatti), 1h. 15m. 56 1/5s. 72.21 m.p.h.
2. Vagniez (Maserati), 1h. 23m. 32s.
3. Devaud (Maserati), 1h. 29m. 49s.
4. Gé (Bugatti), 1h. 33m. 20s.
5. Guilbaut (Bugatti), 1 lap.
Fastest lap : Mme. Itier, 4m. 54s., 74.71 m.p.h.
The Grand Prix race itself attracted the following starters:—Etancelin (Alfa Romeo), Sommer (Alfa Romeo), Lehoux (Bugatti), Gaupillat (Bugatti), Felix (Alfa Romeo), Bouriat (Bugatti), Miguel (Bugatti), Cochin (Bugatti), Bussienne (Bugatti), Delorme (Bugatti), Villars (Alfa Romeo) and Waldthausen (Alfa Romeo).
The race quickly developed into a tremendous duel between Etancelin (Alfa Romeo) and Bouriat (Bugatti). For lap after lap these two drivers fought every inch of the race, constantly repassing each other. Then, on the 10th lap, Etancelin drew ahead to the extent of about 50 yards. Some say that Bouriat was a tired man before the race started, and that the strain was beginning to tell. At all events the Bugatti lost ground, and Bouriat began a desperate effort to re cover his position. On the 11th lap Etancelin passed Villars at a great speed probably about 125 m.p.h. Bouriat was following, and whether he did not allow enough room or whether Villars was drawn outwards by Etancelin's slipstream will never be known, but the tragic fact remains that the wheels of his Bugatti just grazed those of Villar's Alfa Romeo. The impact caused the Bugatti to swing sideways, and there began that sickening series of ever-widening skids which can only end in disaster. Bouriat fought desperately to regain control, but the Bugatti struck a tree with terrific force and burst into flames. The driver was hurled onto the ground and died immediately from his injuries. Bouriat's death cuts short a career of distinction in motor racing, and will be lamented by everyone.
Etancelin continued to drive at a tremendous speed, and was an easy winner, three minutes ahead of Sommer. The latter had had a great battle with Marcel Lehoux (Bugatti) and only gained the ultimate advantage by 4 seconds. There were no fewer than six retirements, namely Gaupillat, Miguel, Felix, Brunet, Waldthausen and Delorme. Brunet was the victim of an accident, happily with no more serious consequences than a broken ankle.
27 laps, 195 km. 300.
1. Etancelin (Alfa. Romeo), 1h. 25m. 36 1/5s. 85.55 m.p.h.
2. Sommer (Alfa Romeo), 1h. 28m. 24s.
3. Lehoux (Bugatti), 1h. 28m. 28s.
4. Villars (Alfa Romeo), 1h. 35m. 11s.
5. Bussienne (Bugatti), 1h. 35m. 44 2/5s.
6. Cochin (Bugatti), 1 lap.