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II Sveriges Vinter Grand Prix

Swedish Grand Prix
28 February 1932


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Entries and results:
No.   Driver: Car: Model: Engine:   Entrant: Position: Laps: Time:
1   Henken Widengren Aston Martin   1.5 Henken Widengren 09th 8 4:46:03.100
2   Einar Lindberg Bugatti T43 2.3 Einar Lindberg 05th 8 4:34:57.600
3   Karl-Gustav Sundstedt Bugatti T35B 2.3 Karl-Gustav Sundstedt acc    
4   Karl Ebb Mercedes-Benz SSK 7.1   Karl Ebb fail. 2  
5   Eric Hagfält De Soto   3.4 S-6   E. Hagfält dna    
6   John E. Ohlsson Voisin   4.0 John E. Ohlsson 08th 8 4:45:48.200
7   Erik Bake Buick   4.5 Erik Bake 03rd 8 4:30:59.200
8   Ernst Timar Studebaker   3.4 Stedt & Co 12th 8 5:02:13.100
9   Uno Ranch Bugatti T38 5.0 S-8   U. Ranch dna    
10   A. von Aretin Bugatti       A. von Aretin dna    
11   Thure Johansson Ford   3.3 Ford Motor Co dnf    
12   S. P. J. Keinänen Chrysler   4.7 Philipsons Automobil AB 02nd 8 4:30:28.000
14   Whitney Straight Maserati 26M 2.5 Whitney Straight acc 2  
15   Carl-Gustaf Johansson Ford   3.3 Ford Motor Co fail 4  
16   Clemens V. Bergström Chevrolet   3.2 AB Hans Osterman 07th 8 4:36:40.400
17   E. Johansson Special   3.2 S-6   E.G.A. Johansson dna    
18   Erik Lafrenz Dodge   3.5 E. G. Lafrenz acc 2  
19   Harry Larsson Ford   3.3 Ford Motor Co fail.    
20   Johan Ramsay Chrysler   5.1 Philipsons Automobil AB dnf    
21   K. Rudolff NRV Special 3.0   K. H. Rudolff fail. 1  
22   Per Viktor Widengren Mercedes-Benz SSK 7.1 P-V. Widengren 04th 8 4:34:33.000
23   Olle Bennström Ford   3.3 S. O. Bennström 01st 8 4:28:26.200
24   Folke Hjelm Chevrolet   2.8 Hjelms Bil acc 5  
25   Sven Börjesson Miller Special 2.4 S-4   S. Börjesson dna    
26   Nikolai Nenonen Delage   4.4 H J Elo acc 2  
27   Ernesto Campoetto Fiat   3.7 Svenska Fiat acc 3  
28   Per Näs Chevrolet   3.2 AB Hans Osterman 06th 8 4:35:18.200
29   Anders Olsson Chrysler Imperial 6.3 Philipsons Automobil AB 10th 8 4:48:47.800
30   Martin Strömberg Chevrolet   2.2 AB Hans Osterman 11th 8 4:59:09.400
Motor SportApril 1932
The Swedish Grand Prix.

THIS event was this year more hazardous than usual owing to the lack of the usual amount of snow on the course. This may sound somewhat contradictory, but the reason lies in the fact that the course, which is 8 laps of a 29 mile circuit, is chiefly bordered by ditches with large boulders therein, and in the absence of snow this means that a car leaving the road is likely to be written off. The likehood of a car leaving the road was much increased by the fact that the route was mainly covered with ice. This made cornering dangerous and hard braking suicidal, the only relief from the ice being in patches where the sun had melted it and formed young watersplashes instead.
A competitor with whom we discussed the event afterwards said he considered the conditions much harder than usual, especially as he was unable to use the special steel studded tyres which are made up for use on snow, but which naturally wear down immediately on the hard surface. These are not the normal steel studded tyres as once worn on taxicabs, but tyres with long points sticking right out of the tread.
The event was won by Bennstronini on a very hot Ford, at an average of 51.28 m p.h. He took the lead near the start and was never seriously challenged. Second place provided a good race between Bake's Buick and Keinanen's Chrysler, the latter just getting away with it. P. W. Widengren (Mercedes) was fourth, while H. Widengren who is well known in this country, drove an Aston Martin into ninth place.