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III Sveriges Vinter Grand Prix

Swedish Grand Prix
26 February 1933


Motor SportFebruary 1933

ALTHOUGH of recent inception—the first race was run in 1931—the Swedish Winter G.P. is now firmly established on the International Racing Calendar. For many years, since 1906, high speed reliability trials had been run over the circuit of Ramshyttan, and it was accordingly not difficult for the authorities to decide that this circuit should be used for the race. The road is a typically Swedish one, generally covered with ice or snow, runs up hill and down dale, and at two points a loop is made over the frozen lakes at Ramshyttan and Sellnäs.
An aerial view of one of the loops over the frozen lake at sellnas, showing
the car park on the right hand side.
The organisation of the race is meticulonsly carried out by the Royal Automobile Club of Stockholm, under the direct supervision of Gunnar Andersson, the Clerk of the Course, and an immense crowd always attends the race, in spite of severe weather. The prices of admission to the circuit are reasonable, being paddock 4/-, on the lakes 3/-., and in the villages 2/-. A large entry is always secured by the fact of good prize money being subscribed, the winner generally receiving £500, the second man £150 and third £100. The circuit is 46 kilometres, or roughly 28 miles, and 8 laps have to be covered during the race.
Some details of the cars entered for the race to be run in February will probably be of interest to English readers. Bennstrôm, the 1932 winner, spent £300 on tuning his 24 h.p. Ford last year, increasing the b.h.p. from 40 to 65. Now he has a V8 model, normally producing 65 b.h.p. and giving a road speed of 75 m.p.h. on top gear. He hopes to raise these figures to 120 b.h.p. and 110 m.p.h. The car is equipped with a neat 2-seater body weighing 71 kgs., with two spare wheels sunk into the rear panel. The weight of the whole car will be in the neighbourhood of 800 kgs.—approximately the same as W. Widengren's 2.3 litre Alfa Romeo.
Altogether there will be 10 Fords, 2 of which will be 4 cyl. models with Silvani heads and down-draught carburettors, the rest being V8's. There will be a team, composed of Bennstrôm and the brothers C. G. and Thure Johansson.
There was a rumour of a team of Armstrong-Siddeleys being entered for the race, in which their self-changing gearboxes would prove a great advantage, but nothing has transpired. An interesting entry was the Reo belonging to Allan Westerblom, which was powered by a 200 h.p. aeroplane engine, but unfortunately the car cannot be prepared in time.
There are two 2.3 litre Alfa Romeos entered, one by Wiktor Widengren (brother of Henken who has raced occasionally at Brooklands) and with which he won the G.P. of Finland last autumn, and the other by Eugen Bjôrnstad. The latter went to Milan with the intention of buying a "monoposto," but was unable to, so went to Molsheim for a 4-wheel drive Bugatti. Here again he experienced difficulty, so he returned to Milan and bought a 2.3 litre racer once driven by Casacciola.
The Finnish driver, Ebb, will again pilot a Mercedes-Benz,—he will be remembered as the other driver who was involved in the incident of Whitney Straight's Maserati being ditched last year. Finland's "dare-devil" driver, Keinânen, will also continue with his car of previous years, a Chrysler. Sundstedt will be favoured as a winner on his Bugatti, for he led last year until a wheel came off. He will be hard pushed, however, by Ebb and Wiktor Widengren, while Henken Widengren will not stand much chance with Berger's Invicta against the three supercharged cars.
From the British point of view two interesting entries are J. C. Carlsson's Bentley and Wistedt's blown M.G. Midget.
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Entries and results:
No. Driver: Car: Model: Engine:   Entrant: Result: Laps: Time:
1 Knut Gustav Sundstedt Bugatti T35B 2.3 S-8 K-G. Sundstedt 09th 8 5h 12m 27.2s
2 Per-Viktor Widengren Alfa Romeo Monza 2.3 S-8 P-V. Widengren 01st 8 4h 27m 32.0s
3 Erik Lafrenz Chrysler 3.6 S-6 E. Lafrenz ret. 1  
4 Clemens Bergström Chevrolet 3.2 S-6 C. Bergström dns - -
5 Henken Widengren Invicta-Meadows 4.4 S-6 H. Widengren ret. 2  
6 Sven Lindblom Ford Special 3.6 V-8 S. Lindblom 12th 8 5h 36m 47.0s
7 J. Ohlsson Voisin 3.9 S-4 J. Ohlsson dns - -
8 Gunnar Thorsell Chevrolet 3.2 S-6 G. Thorsell acc 3  
9 Hans Torell Riley 9 1.1 S-4 H. Torell dnf 1  
10 John Forsberg Ford Special 3.6 V-8 J. Forsberg 06th 8 4h 45m 56.6s
11 "Olle" Bennström Ford Special 3.6 V-8 S. O. Bennström 03rd 8 4h 40m 46.0s
12 Anders Olsson Chrysler 4.6 S-4 A. Olsson 04th 8 4h 44m 01.0s
14 Martin Strömberg Chevrolet Special 3.2 S-6 M. Strömberg acc 0  
15 Axel Larsson Ford Special 3.2 S-4 A. Larsson 07th 8 4h 58m 18.2s
16 Stig Söderlund Ford 3.2 S-4 S. Söderlund acc. 4  
17 Ivor Hastings Chevrolet 3.2 S-6 I. Hastings 10th 8 5h 15m 04.2s
18 Harry Larsson Ford Special 3.2 S-4 H. Larsson ret. 4  
19 Per Näs Näs Special 2.9 S-4 P. Näs ret. 3  
20 Allan Westerblom Reo-Mercedes 14.9 S-6 A. Westerblom dns - -
21 G.H.A. Lönnqvist Chevrolet 3.2 S-6 G. Lönnqvist dna - -
22 Bo Lindh Hudson Special 4.2 S-8 B. Lindh ret. 5  
23 Tore Wistedt MG J2 0.8 S-4 T. Wistedt 11th 8 5h 30m 29.4s
24 Carl-Gustaf Johansson Ford Special 3.6 V-8 C-G. Johansson 02nd 8 4h 39m 24.9s
25 F. Weyer Dodge Special 2.8 S-6 F. Weyer ret. 2  
26 S.P.J. Keinänen Chrysler Special 6.3 S-8 S.P.J. Keinänen ret. 0  
27 Karl Ebb Mercedes-Benz SSK 7.1 S-6 K. Ebb acc 6  
28 Einar Lundborg Paige 4.7 S-6 E. Lundborg acc 0  
29 Oscar Wickberg Bugatti T35C? 2.0 S-8 O. Wickberg acc 4  
30 Eugen Bjørnstad Alfa Romeo Monza 2.3 S-8 E. Bjørnstad dsq 8 4h 31m 47.2s
31 Poul Tholstrup Ford Special 3.6 V-8 P. Tholstrup dns - -
32 K. Rudolff NRW 3.0 S-6 K. Rudolff dnf 4  
33 Helmer Andersson Dodge 3.6 S-6 H. Andersson dnf 6  
34 Paul Pietsch Alfa Romeo Monza 2.3 S-8 P. Pietsch dns - -
35 Erik Bake Buick 4.5 S-8 E. Bake 08th 8 5h 11m 28.5s
36 Herbert Wimmer Bugatti T35B 2.3 S-8 H. Wimmer ret. 1  
37 Thure Johansson Ford Special 3.6 V-8 T. Johansson 05th 8 4h 45m 56.6s
38 Axel Johnsson Bugatti T43 2.3 S-8 A. Johnsson dns - -
39 Börje Dahlin Mercedes-Benz SSK 7.1 S-6 B. Dahlin ret. 1  
Fastest lap: Per-Viktor Widengren (Alfa Romeo) in 30m49.3s = 90.03 km/h (56.1 mph)
Winner's average speed: 83.0 km/h (51.6 mph)
Motor SportApril 1933
By GUNNAR MARCUS (Our Swedish Correspondent)

THE Swedish Winter Grand Prix, held at Ramen, is the big motoring event of the year in Scandinavia, and every year is becoming more popular both with competitors and spectators alike. For most of the forty-six kilometres the course is over a road deep in snow, but on two occasions, at Ramenshyttan and Sellnas, a wide sweep is taken over frozen lakes, and here ice takes the place of snow as a surface. In order to obtain a grip, many competitors fit steel spikes to their tyres, but as these are very expensive there are always a few drivers who use normal tyres.
This year, in spite of grey skies, an immense crowd of between 40 and 50 thousand people attended the race, most of them being on the lakes, where their cars were parked in long rows. There were six non-starters, namely Bergstrom, J. E. Messon, Alan Vesterblom (Reo-Mercedes), Thostrupp, who thought he had no chance of winning, P. Pietsch (Alfa Romeo), and A. Johnsson (Bugatti).
Jockeying for position amid a cloud of snow-dust. The car in the foreground is S. G. Bennstrom's V8 Ford, while on the right
can be seen Hans Torrell's Riley 9.
The start was most impressive, jockeying being difficult owing to the cars sliding on the ice. The noise of the 31 odd cars was terrific, for no silencers are used. Immediately, W. Widengren with his 2.3 litre racing Alfa Romeo took the lead, closely followed by his brother, Henken, driving a green Invicta, the rest of the cars in pursuit in a solid mass. On the first lap this jockeying for position had its inevitable result of two cars being ditched, namely B. Lundborg (Paige), M. Stromberg (Chevrolet), while the popular Finnish dare-devil driver, Keinanen, had to retire with a broken universal joint. His Chrysler had been greatly shortened in wheelbase, and apparently the stresses had not been properly calculated.
Half an hour passed, and the crowd at the start fixed their eyes on the spot where the road runs out onto the lake, waiting for the first car to appear. As was expected, it turned out to be the Alfa Romeo driven by W. Widengren who had drawn well ahead of the rest of the field and set up a record standing lap at 91.2 k.p.h. Then, nearly two minutes later, another car appeared, this time the British Invicta, driven by Henken Widengren. He, in turn, was two minutes ahead of the next man, Anders Olsson (Chrysler), after which the remainder followed in close formation, the first to come by being S. O. Bennstrom (V8 Ford), E. Bjornstad (Alfa-Romeo), C. G. Johansson (V8 Ford), and Karl Ebb (Mercedes-Benz). Everyone was surprised that Ebb should be so far behind, until it was realised that his white Mercedes was not emitting the usual scream of its supercharger—the gears were not engaging and he did not rectify the trouble until half way through the race.
The next man to drop out was G. F. Lafrenz whose Chrysler broke one of its pistons, and not long after Hans Torrell, driving a British Riley Nine. accompanied by an English mechanic named Kilby, had the misfortune to skid off the road, damaging his front axle on a rock. It appeared that Torrell was so interested in a car in the process of being ditched ahead, that he lost control of his own machine. On the second lap an amusing incident took place. W. Widengren lapped a German driver named Wimmer, who was driving a Bugatti, and the latter was so chagrined that he promptly retired!
Widengren still led at the end of the 2nd lap, but on the 3rd lap A. Ohlsson (Chrysler) had moved up into 2nd place, owing to the retirement of H. Widengren, whose Invicta had come to a standstill. After changing plugs and testing the compression it was found that the magneto drive had sheared. His retirement was greatly regretted by the crowd, who admired the silent speed of the Invicta. After refreshing themselves with coffee on and brandy at a neighbouring farm Widengren and his mechanic walked 3 miles to the nearest official control-point. Widengren expressed himself delighted with the performance of the Invicta, having on one occasion touched 107 m.p.h. Widengren's visor was so greatly admired by other drivers when he was practising that many persuaded their wives to make them for the actual race!
On this lap Dahlin pulled into the pits, and after examining his front springs which had been damaged in practice, decided to retire. Another retirement was that of a very fine sportsman, F. M. Weyer, with a Dodge Special, nicknamed by the crowd the "Woolworth car." Weyer's car was built up from scrap for less than £100, and he could not afford to buy new tyres, so that when he punctured both his rear tyres he was forced to withdraw!
On the next lap Gunnar Thorsen ditched his Chevrolet, and as the cars came past the starting point for the fourth time, i.e., at half distance, the order was as follows:
1. P. W. Widengren (Alfa-Romeo, 2,337 c.c. S.), 2h. 6m. 57.1secs. Average speed, 84.6 k.p.h.
2. Karl Ebb (Mercedes-Benz, 7,070 c.c. S.), 2h, 15m. 27secs.
3. A. Olson (Chrysler, 4,630 c.c.), 2h. 15m. 30.7 secs.
4. E. Bjornstad (Alfa-Romeo, 2,337 c.c. S.), 2h. 15m. 34.8secs.
5. C. G. Johansson (Ford V8, 3,620 c.c.), 2h. 18m. 40.2secs. 6. S. p. Benustrom (Ford V8, 3,620 c.c.), 2h. 16m. 48secs. 7. J. Forsberg (Ford V8, 3,620 c.c.), 2h. 27m. 19secs. 8. T. Johansson (Ford V8, 3,620 c.c.), 2h. 27m. 20secs.
9. B. Lindh (Hudson, 4,170 c.c.), 2h. 33m. 52.4secs.
10. K. G. Sundstedt (Bugatti, 2,260 c.c. S.), 2h. 35m. 37.2secs.
11. A. Larsson (Ford, 3,350 c.c.), 2h. 35m. 47.9secs.
12. E. Bake (Buick, 4,470 c.c.), 2h. 36m. 6 secs.
13. I. Hastings (Chevrolet, 3,180 c.c.), 2h. 38m. 13secs.
14. S. Soderlund (Ford, 3,280 c.c.), 2h. 44m. 13secs.
15. T. Wistedt (M.G., 850 c.c.), 2h. 47m. 45.6secs.
16. S. Lindblom (Ford V8), 2h. 47m. 57.9 secs.
17. H. Larsson (Ford, 3,860 c.c.), 2h. 50m. 5secs.
18. H. Andersson (Dodge, 3,620 c.c.), 2h. 53m. 6secs.
19. P. Näs (Näs Special, 2,830 c.c.), 2h. 57m. 28secs.
20. O. F. Wickberg (Bugatti, 1,990 c.c.), 3h. 12m. 30.8secs.
21. K. H. Rudolf (N.R.W., 3,120 c.c.), 3h. 17m. 18.3secs.
It will be seen that Ebb, having rectified the supercharger trouble of his "Merc." was trying very hard to catch Widengren. Then came a whole crop of retirements, Rudoff (N.W.R.), H. Larsson (Ford 4-cyl.), with carburettor trouble, Wickberg ran his Bugatti into a snow-wall, and could not extricate it, Näs ran a camshaft on his Special, and Anderson dropped out with some elusive trouble with his Dodge. The M.G. Midget was lapping regularly, but was handicapped at the beginning by its driver, who had only just taken delivery of the car, thinking he was in top gear when he was really still in third! The car seemed very good on corners, and sounded very healthy.
The winner, Wiktor Widengren, at the wheel of his 2.3 litre Alfa-Romeo.
A terrific scrap was going on between Ebb (Mercedes), Ohlsson (Chrysler) and Bjornstad (Alfa Romeo). On one occasion Näs, Ohlsson and Ebb arrived at a corner in that order. Näs skidded wide, so Ohlsson skidded still wider in order to pass him. Seeing this Ebb cut in close, and slipped by both of them-a fine piece of driving. Bjornstad was treating his new Alfa-Romeo with care, never exceeding 4,000 r.p.m. Then Ohlsson fell back through having a puncture, and Ebb continued his pursuit of Widengren alone. He cut down his lead by as much as 1 minute per lap, and then, in taking a pull at a bottle of sugar water in the car at speed, got into a skid and dashed into some trees. Ebb was knocked out by the steering wheel, but soon recovered, while his mechanic, who had been forced by Ebb to wear a crash-helmet, was thrown out onto his head, without injury.
Lindh, son of Alexandra Lindh, well known lady-driver in last year's Monte Carlo Rally, (Hudson) pulled into the pits with a damaged axle, and soon afterwards I. Hastings ditched his Chevrolet but got going again. Bjornstad now held second place, and third came C. G. Johansson's V8 Ford, which was putting up a splendid performance. As the steel spikes on the tyres gradually wore down, so more care had to be taken by drivers, and near the end of the race some very wild skidding was seen. But nothing could stop Widengren from winning, so comfortable was his lead, and eventually he crossed the finishing line 4 minutes ahead of Bjornstad, who in turn was followed by Johansson's V8 Ford.
1. P. W. Widengren (Alfa-Romeo, 2,337 c.c. S.), 4h. 27m. 32secs. Average speed, 82.98 k.p.h.
2. E. Bjørnstad (Alfa-Romeo, 2,337 c.c. S.) 4h. 31m. 37.2 secs.
3. C. G. Johansson (Ford V8, 3,620 c.c.), 4h 39m. 24.9secs.
4. S. O. Bennstrom (Ford V8, 3,670 c.c.), 4h. 40m. 46secs.
5. A. Olsson (Chrysler, 4,630 c.c.), 4h. 44m. 1sec.
6. T. Johansson (Ford V8, 3,620 c.c.), 4h. 45m. 46secs.
7. J. Forsberg (Ford V8, 3,620 c.c.), 4h. 46m. 34secs.
8. A. Larsson (Ford 4-cyl., 3,350 c.c.), 4h. 58m. 18.2secs.
9. E. Bake (Buick, 4,470 c.c.), 5h. 11m. 28.5secs.
10. K. G. Sundstedt (Bugatti, 2,260 c.c. S.), 5h. 12m. 27.2secs.
11. I. Hastings (Chevrolet, 3,180 c.c.), 5h. 15m. 4.2secs.
12. T. Wistedt (M.G., 850 c.c.), 5h. 30m. 29.4secs.
13. S. Lindblom ( ), 5h. 36m. 47secs.