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Alfa Romeo 1961

Dauphine (lic. Renault)
Giulietta Sprint
Giulietta SS
Giulietta Zagato
Giulietta Spider
2000 sedan
2000 Spider - ost.rok. Powstało 3443 szt (więcej niż sedanów).
2000 Sprint

Giulietta Goccia – prototype
TZ 1 Spider – prototype


Motor TrendApril 1961
ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA, Spider convertible, $3520, Italy
Few sports cars offer as broad a range as does the Alfa. Whatever the intended purpose, from street to full race, there is something in the Giulietta series to fill the need. And for prestige there is the 2000 series convertible.
The basic four-cylinder, twin-cam engine displaces only 78.65 cubic inches. In the Spider convertible and Sprint coupe it develops 91 hp at 6000 revs; as in a Super Spider convertible or Veloce coupe it is modified to 103 horses at 6000. Going way out, the engine as installed in the wild new Sprint Speciale coupe cranks out 116 hp at 6500 rpm -and it's still driveable on the street.
The engine is designed to be revved; its best performance range is between 3000 and 6500 rpm. In spite of the rather heavy steel body, acceleration is good. The Super Spider, for example, gets to 60 mph in about 11 seconds and has a top speed of over 110 mph. Rated maximum speed of the Speciale is 125 mph.
There is nothing startling about Giulietta suspension: independent front with A-arms, coil springs and stabilizer bar; rigid rear axle with coil springs and radius rods. Yet road-holding and cornering are outstanding, as indicated by the Alfa's many class wins in U.S. road racing. Brakes are large finned drums, powerful and fade-free. The four-speed, all-synchro transmission is a Porsche design; a five-speed gearbox is used in the Speciale.
Roadsters are handsomely finished, with good folding tops, roll-up windows and comfortable bucket seats. The coupes carry a small utility rear seat. Coupes, incidentally, are built on a 94-inch wheelbase, except for the Speciale's 89 inches.
Although the 2000 convertible is very similar to the Giulietta Spider in appearance, it is longer (on a 98-inch wheelbase), has a four-inch-wider tread and is nearly six inches wider overall. The four-cylinder engine, again similar in design, displaces 120.48 cubic inches and develops 115 hp at 5500 rpm.
General specifications: Wheelbase, 86.6 inches; front tread, 50.6; rear tread, 50; overall length, 152; width, 62; height, 52.
Other versions: Super Spider roadster, $3890; Sprint coupe, $3843; Veloce coupe, $4149; Sprint Speciale coupe, $5555; 2000 convertible, $5372.
Trzecia seria Giulietty ma nowy wlot powietrza i maskę, indywidualne fotele przednie, opcjonalną dźwignię zmiany biegów w podłodze i więcej mocy (62 i 74 KM). W lutym wyprodukowano 100 000 egzemplarz. Giulietta Spider będzie teraz miała większy rozstaw osi - taki sam jak Sprint.
Prototyp roadstera zrealizowany przez studio Pininfarina został zaprezentowany w Turynie.
FNM of Brazil bought a licence for 2000 berlina.


Giulietta s.II - discontinued
Giulietta TI s.II - discontinued
Giulietta s.III - new model

Giulietta TI s.2

Giulietta s.3

Giulietta - sports models

Sprint s.III
Sprint Veloce s.II (10106)
Sprint Speciale Bertone
SZ Zagato - discontinued (10126)
TZ 1 Zagato - new model
SZ Coda Tronca Zagato - new model
Spider s.II - ost.rok
Spider Veloce s.II - ost.rok
Spider s.III - nowy model
Spider Veloce s.III - nowy model

Giulietta Sprint

Giulietta Spider


TZ 1

Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ coda tronca

Giulietta SS




2000 - sports models

2000 Spider Touring - discontinued. 3443 were built (more than saloons)
2000 Sprint

2000 Sprint

2000 Spider Touring






Spider Speciale Aerodinamico by Pininfarina.

Giulietta SS Coupé Speciale by Pininfarina.

Zwycięstwo (De Villa) w Rajdzie San Remo (Giulietta).

Targa Florio. Giuletta SZ driven by Vito Coco and "Sand" (Vincenzo Arena) came 9th overall, 4th in gran turismo category and 2nd in 1001-1300 cc class (Etna).
  Targa Florio entries: (30.04.1961)
# 2 Giulietta SV Russo / Pernice Etna acc.
# 4 Giulietta SZ Coco / Arena Etna 9th
# 12 Giulietta SZ Grasso / Sabbia Etna 16th
# 6 Giulietta SZ Accardi /Federico   fail.
# 8 Giulietta SZ di Priolo / Manfredini Ambrosiana fail.
# 10 Giulietta SZ Taormina / Tacci   11th
# 14 Giulietta SZ Garufi / Tagliavia   fail.
# 16 Giulietta SZ Laureati / Santoleri Pescara -
# 20 Giulietta SS Bosco / Bevilacqua Pescara fail.
# 18 Giulietta SZ Bauer / Sgorbati St.Ambroeus 12th
# 28 Giulietta SZ Laureati / Facetti St.Ambroeus fail.
# 30 Giulietta SZ Pedretti / Baroni St.Ambroeus 10th
# 32 Giulietta SZ Rivola / Facetti St.Ambroeus dns
# 36 Giulietta SZ Conti / Grana St.Ambroeus dns
# 22 Giulietta Spyder Tropia / Parla Nissena fail.
# 24 Giulietta SZ Allegrini / Avventurieri Sila fail.
# 26 Giulietta SS Trapani / Donato Balarm 13th
# 108   Di Benedetto / D'Amico Balarm fail.
# 34 Giulietta SZ Buzzetti / Sinibaldi Montegrappa 14th
# 38 Giulietta SZ Rosinsky / Consten   8th
# 40 Giulietta SZ Bulgari / Grana Campidoglio fail.

Targa Florio. Giuletta SZ driven by Baldassarre Taormina and Pasquale Tacci came 11th overall, 6th in gran turismo category and 4th in 1001-1300 cc class (Etna).

Giulietta SS of Ermete Bosco and Bruno Bevilacqua at Targa Florio.

Targa Florio. Giuletta SZ driven by José Rosinsky and Bernard Consten came 8th overall, 3rd in gran turismo category and 1st in 1001-1300 cc class.