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Alfa Romeo 1965

1300 Sprint
- ost.rok
Giulia Spider - ost.rok
Giulia TZ Zagato - ost.rok
Giulia GT Bertone
Gran Sport Zagato - nowy model
2600 Sprint
2600 Spider Touring - ost.rok. Powstało 2255 szt.
2600 SZ - nowy model
2600 De Luxe (Osi) - nowy model
Giulia TZ Prototipo – prototyp


Giulia Super ma dwa gaźniki Weber i osiaga moc 98 KM. Nowe zderzaki z nierdzewnej stali trafily również do wersji TI model '66. 2600 De Luxe, a berlina looking slightly similar to the Sprint, but with four doors and only two headlights, by OSI, who made 54 (in 1965 and 66). Also from Italy come the additional Alfa Romeo Giulia models. Only one convertible Alfa Sprint GTC is here, in dark green with tan interior and a headrest clipped to the top of the front passenger seat. There are a couple of Giulia Supers (more powerful than the TI) and a colourful display from the rest of the range including the reinstated Giulietta Sprint Coupé (now called the Giulia 1300 Sprint) but not the new competition Giulia GTA.
(Geneva report)


1300 105.06  1290 cm³, 78 cv
TI 105.08   1570 cm³, 92 cv
Super 105.26 1570 cm³, 98 cv - new model
  Berlina wb: 2510 mm

Tipo 105.26 Giulia Super transferres the technology from the racing TI Super to a road car. 1,570 cc engine with two double-choke Weber 40DCOE carburettors for a milder, but torquier tune develops 98 bhp at 5500 rpm. New dashboard with two large round instruments (speedo and tacho) and clock. Sportier steering wheel with three aluminium spokes and centre horn push, similar to that of the Ti Super. All-around disc brakes with servo are fitted as standard. The serpent crest of the Sforza family appears in a badge on the C-pillar and is a distinguishing feature of the Super.

Giulia 1300

Giulia TI

Giulia Super

Giulia Super

Giulia GT

Giulia Sprint GT 105.02 (R4 cyl., 1570 cm³)
Giulia Sprint GTC 105.25 (R4 cyl., 1570 cm³)
Giulia Sprint GT Veloce 105.36 (R4 cyl., 1570 cm³) - new model
Giulia Sprint GTA 105.32 (R4 cyl., 1570 cm³) - new model
GT 1300 Junior 105.30 (R4 cyl., 1290 cm³) - new model

Gulia Sprint GT

Giulia Sprint GT Veloce

Giulia Sprint GTA

Giulia 1600 Sprint GTC

Giulia Sprint GTC at the Geneva Show.

GT 1300 Junior

Giulia - sports models

1300 Sprint Coupé - discontinued
Giulia 1600 Spider - discontinued
Giulia 1600 Spider Veloce - discontinued
Giulia TZ - discontinued
Giulia TZ 2 - discontinued

Giulia Spider

1300 Sprint

1600 Spider

Giulia TZ

Giulia TZ Zagato


De Luxe (Osi)

2600 Berlina

2600 Berlina

2600 De Luxe by Osi

2600 - sports models

2600 Sprint Bertone
2600 Spider Touring - discontinued
2600 SZ - new model

2600 Spider

2600 Sprint Coupé

2600 Sprint

2600 Sprint

2600 Sprint Zagato

2600 Sprint Zagato

2600 Sprint Zagato

Gran Sport 1750

1750 Gran Sport 4R Zagato

1750 GS 4 R Zagato

TZ2   1570 cm³      


Entries and results:
  Targa Florio 09.05.1965 Entrant: Results:  
#         gen. class category
4 Giulietta SZ   Petruzzi/Porro   fail. - -  
8 Giulietta SZ   Belmonte/Piccioni Aretusa dns - -  
10 Giulietta SZ   "Bit"/Garofalo Pegaso fail. - -  
12 Giulietta SZ   Merendino/Trapani   22nd 5th 1.0-1.3 11th GT
14 Giulietta SZ   Piccolo/Sutera Pegaso 29th 9th 1.0-1.3 17th GT
16 Giulietta SZ   Santoro/Randazzo Pegaso fail. - -  
34 Giulietta SS   Messina/Carpintieri Aretusa 26th 6th 1.0-1.3 14th GT
36 Giulietta SZ   Battista/Monaco Etna fail. - -  
40 Giulietta Sprint   Asciutto/Gagliardo   fail. - -  
42 Giulietta SS   Lisitano/Patti   fail. - -  
48 Giulietta SZ   Orlando/Benedetto   28th 8th 1.0-1.3 16th GT
52 Giulia TZ   Zeccoli/Zuccoli Autodelta fail. - -  
54 Giulia TZ   Capra/Pinchetti Sant'Ambroeus 16th 3rd 1.3-1.6 8th GT
56 Giulia TZ   Gargano/Denza Apulia 23rd 4th 1.3-1.6 12th GT
58 Giulia TZ   Sirugo/Arena Etna 9th 2nd 1.3-1.6 3rd GT
60 Giulia TZ   Benini/Frola Apulia 25th 5th 1.3-1.6 13th GT
64 Giulia TZ2   Bussinello/Todaro Autodelta fail. - -  
70 Giulia TZ   Bianchi/Rolland Autodelta 7th 1st 1.3-1.6 2nd GT
72 Giulia TZ   Panepinto/Parla   fail. - -  
166 Giulia GTA   Federico/Cabral Autodelta/Pegaso acc. - -  
24h Le Mans 20.06.1965 Entrant: Results: Index
#   chassis #     gen. class perf. eff.
41 Giulia TZ2 750110 Bussinello/Rolland Autodelta fail. - - -
42 Giulia TZ2   "Geki"/Zuccoli Autodelta fail. - - -
43 Giulia TZ2 750072 Zeccoli/Rosinski Autodelta fail. - - -
44 Giulia TZ 750041 Koob/Finkel EGDL fail. - - -

Giuseppe Sirugo and Vincenzo Arena's Giulia TZ finished 9th overall, 3rd in gran turismo category and 2nd in 1301-1600 cc class in Targa Florio.

Entered in Targa Florio by Scuderia Autodelta Giulia TZ with Luciano Bianchi and Jean Rolland was 7th in general standing, 2nd in gran turismo and won 1301-1600 class.

Girolamo Capra and Maurizo Pinchetti in the Giulia TZ took 3rd place in 1301-1600 cc class at Targa Florio.

Giulia TZ2 at Targa Florio.

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ/2 1570 cm³ (Roberto Bussinello / Jean Rolland) at 24h Le Mans, Autodelta SpA.

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ/1 1570 cm³ (Nicholas Koob / Alain Finkelstein) at 24h Le Mans, Equipe Grand Ducale Luxembourgeoise.

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ/2 1570 cm³ (Teodore Zeccoli / José Rosinski) at 24h Le Mans, Autodelta SpA.

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ/2 1570 cm³ (Giacomo Russo / Carlo Zuccoli) at 24h Le Mans, Autodelta SpA.

24H Spa 1965, Hans Maasland and Jaap Luyendijk