Classic Car Catalogue

Alfa Romeo 1966

Giulia GT
Duetto - Genewa
Gran Sport
2600 Sprint - ost.rok. Powsta?o 6999 szt.
2600 SZ Zagato
2600 De Luxe (Osi)


W Giulii zmieniono nieco wlot powietrza, który zdobia teraz poziome, chromowane listwy: 5 w modelach 1600 i 3 w 1300.

IF Romeo had had a GIULIA DUETTO, Juliet wouldn't have been left standing on the balcony. Pininfarina's styling gives a longer line for this new convertible. Twin-cam engine with two twin-choke carburetters, five speed all-synchro gearbox, disc brakes and rear axle with radius arms, A-bracket and coil springs, form the recipe for a car the Italians call Sportivissima. Four-cyl.; o.h.c.; 1,570 c.c.; 109 b.h.p.;
GIULIA SUPER is not the most elegant of Alfas, but a fast well-equipped family four-seater with a strong sporting character. Its twin-cam engine is brought to optimum efficiency by two twin-choke Weber carburetters, the gearbox has five speeds, disc brakes all round see to the stopping and precise location of the rear axle on radius arms and a central A-bracket guarantees good road holding. Four-cyl.; o.h.c.; 1,570 c.c.; 98 b.h.p.;
Alfa Romeo 2600 by Touring do the Superleggera Spider body, Bertone do the Sprint Coupé and Zagato does the lightweight competition short chassis SZ Coupé; a selection to delight enthusiasts. Each has the six-cylinder engine with twin chain-driven overhead camshafts and three twin-choke carburetters driving through an excellent five-speed gearbox. Thoroughbred cars from a state-owned concern which has not forgotten how to make cars for individualists. Six-cyl.; o.h.c.; 2,584 c.c.; 145 b.h.p.;



1300 105.06   1290 cm³, 78 cv
TI 105.08    1570 cm³, 92 cv
Super 105.26  1570 cm³, 98 cv
1300 TI 105.39 1290 cm³, 82 cv - new model
  Berlina wb: 2510 mm

Giulia 1300 ti tipo 105.39 has 1,290 cc engine with single down-draft carburettor for 82 bhp at 6000 rpm. Unlike the re-deployed 101-series Giulietta engine of the austerity-model 1300, the 1300 ti motor is a 105 series engine, basically that of the sportier GT1300 Junior coupe with different camshaft timing and induction system. Five-speed gearbox. Three-spoke bakelite steering wheel with plastic horn push covering the centre and spokes. Dashboard with strip speedo like that of the TI.

Giulia Super

Giulia 1300 TI berlina

Giulia Super


Giulia GT

GT 1300 Junior 105.30 (R4 cyl., 1290 cm³)
Giulia Sprint GT 105.02 (R4 cyl., 1570 cm³) - discontinued (31,955 ex.)
Giulia Sprint GTC 105.25 (R4 cyl., 1570 cm³) - discontinued (approx. 1,000 ex.)
Giulia Sprint GT Veloce 105.36 (R4 cyl., 1570 cm³)
Giulia Sprint GTA 105.32 (R4 cyl., 1570 cm³)

GT 1300 Junior

Giulia Sprint GT


Giulia 1600 GTC cabriolet

Giulia Sprint GT Veloce




2600 De Luxe (Osi)


2600 berlina de luxe by OSI.

2600 - sports models

2600 Sprint Bertone- discontinued
2600 SZ Zagato

2600 SZ Zagato

2600 Sprint Bertone


Gran Sport

1750 Gran Sport 4R
  roadster Zagato

Gran Sport 1750 4R Zagato


Spider 1600 "Duetto"

1600 4 cyl., 1570 cm³, 109 cv
  Spider wb: 2250 mm


The Spider was launched at the 36th Geneva Motor Show in March and together with the Giulia Sprint GT Veloce tested by the press at an event organised in Gardone Riviera. To choose a name for the spider, Alfa Romeo announced a write-in competition, offering an example of the new car as a prize. Over 100 thousand ballots were sent in, the great majority from Italy; the winner was Guidobaldo Trionfi, who proposed the name Duetto (duet). However the Duetto name could not be officially adopted due to trademark issues, and the car is named simply Alfa Romeo Spider 1600. The Spider's 1,570 cc twin cam engine has dual Weber two-barrel side-draft carburetors, and produces 109 bhp. Sparsely fitted inside but including five speed manual transmission and disc brakes.




Giulia TZ2 (Autodelta), Enrico Pinto - Nino Todaro, Targa Florio, 4th overall, 3rd in sport category, winner in 1301-1600 cc class.

  Targa Florio entries: (08.05.1966)
#10 Giulietta Sprint Lisitano / Calarese Peloritana fail.
#42 Giulia GTA Sabbia / Svedi   dns
#44 Giulia GTA/H4 De Tommasi / Ardizzone   dns
#46 Giulia Super TI Bonaccorsi / Perseo   dns
#82 Giulietta SZ Alongi / "Sancho" Aretusa 37th
#84 Giulietta SZ Battista / Monaco Etna 38th
#86 Giulietta SZ Orlando / Benedetto   43rd
#96 Giulietta SZ Gumina / Fenga Peloritana fail.
#100 Giulietta SZ Rizzo / Alongi   27th
#114 Giulia TZ2 Zeccoli / Russo Autodelta 13th
#116 Giulia TZ Giugno / Parla Nissena 41st
#120 Giulia TZ Capra / Galli Sant Ambroeus 24th
#122 Giulia TZ Piccolo / Sutera Pegaso 28th
#124 Giulia TZ2 Martini / Federico Autodelta fail.
#126 Giulia TZ2 Pinto / Todaro Autodelta 4th
#128 Giulia TZ Donato / Trapani Pegaso 29th
#130 Giulia TZ2 Bussinello / Bianchi Autodelta 10th
#198   Taormina / Tacci   dns
#212   Garufi / Di Salvo   dns

Entered by Autodelta Teodoro Zeccoli and "Geki" (Giacomo Russo's) Giulia TZ2 took 3rd place in 1301-160 cc class.

Autodelta team at Targa Florio. Roberto Bussinello and Luciano Bianchi #130 were 2nd in 1301-1600 cc class.