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Alfa Romeo 1972

GT Junior
Junior Z
1750 / 2000
1750 GT / 2000 GT Veloce
Alfetta - new model




Alfasud  B4 cyl., 1186 cm³ 63 cv  
  Berlina wb: 2455 mm    

ALFA SUD £1,300 approx.
Built in a big new factory near Naples, this is Alfa Romeo's bid for a share of the mass market while retaining traditional standards of performance and handling. The flat-four overhead cam engine drives the front wheels, and has a sealed cooling system. Front suspension is by coil spring struts. The rear axle is located by Watt linkages. Giugiaro did the body design.

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1300 TI   4 cyl., 1290 ccm, 84 ch - discontinued
1300 Super 4 cyl., 1290 ccm, 89 cv - discontinued
Super 4 cyl., 1570 ccm, 102 ch - discontinued
Super 1.3 4 cyl., 1290 cm³ 89 cv - new model
Super 1.6 4 cyl., 1570 cm³ 102 cv - new model
  Berlina   wb: 2510 mm    

Rationalisation of the Giulia range saw the Super 1300 (Tipo 115.09) and the Super (Tipo 105.26) re-released as the Super 1.3 and Super 1.6. The two models features the same equipment, interior and exterior trim, differing only in engine size (1,290 cc and 1,570 cc) and final drive ratio. The 1300 ti was dropped. A small Alfa Romeo badge on the C-pillar is a distinguishing feature, as are hubcaps with exposed wheel nuts.

Giulia 1300 TI


GT 1300 and GT 1600

GT 1300 Junior 4 cyl., 1290 ccm, 87 ch  
GTA 1300 Junior   4 cyl., 1290 ccm, 95 ch  
GT 1600 Junior 4 cyl., 1570 cm³   - new model
  Coupé   wb: 2350 mm    



2000  4 cyl., 1962 cm³ 130 cv  
  Berlina wb: 2570 mm  

ALFA ROMEO 2000 SALOON From £2,026 (incl. P.T.)
A new 2 litre engine, achieved by enlarging the bore of the 1750 c.c. by four, was announced for the Alfa Romeo range in the summer, and will power the saloon, coupe and spider. It is a twin-cam unit (stretched in various stages from the original 1290 c.c. engine of the Giulietta) that now develops a healthy 150 b.h.p. to give sporting drivers some real power under their command. The 2000 saloon, which is distinguished by a matt black grille and new road wheels, is a four-door family car with precision controls, fivespeed gearbox and a top speed of 118 m.p.h.

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1300 Junior   4 cyl., 1290 cm³, 89 cv  
2000 Veloce 4 cyl., 1962 cm³, 132 cv  
1600 Junior 4 cyl., 1570 cm³, 110 cv - new model
    Roadster   wb: 2250 mm    

The Spider 1600 Junior is visually identical to the 1300.

ALFA ROMEO 2000 Spider Veloce £2,636
Direct development from the Giulia 1800 c.c., has led to these graceful, compact cars which yield tremendous performance from their 2-litre twin-cam engines. Pininfarina designed the short wheelbase two-seater Spider, Bertone does the occasional four coupe. Both have five-speed gearboxes but the hefty torque makes frequent gear changing unnecessary. This also has the new 1962 c.c. twin-cam engine, but the two-seater is over 150 lbs. lighter than the saloon and has a higher rear axle (shared incidentally with the 2000 GTV coupe). So its acceleration is even more brisk and top speed well over 120 miles an hour. The power/weight ratio is an impressive 147 b.h.p. per ton, while maximum torque is attained at 3,500 r.p.m. As with the saloon, there is a five-speed gearbox, disc brakes on all wheels with a vacuum operated servo and coil springing all round. The interior finish is excellent. with full instrumentation.

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Spider 2000


2000 GT Veloce

2000 GT Veloce 105.21 4 cyl., 1962 cm³ 132 ch    
  Coupé   wb: 2350 mm    

2000 GT



Montreal  V8 cyl., 90°, 2593 cm³ 200 cv  
  Coupé  wb: 2350 mm

Bertone-designed bodywork and a dry-sump V8 engine developed from the racing 33, make the Montreal an interesting entry in the high-price high-performance class. Transmission is by ZF five speed gearbox and limited-slip differential. Upholstery is brushed nylon and a heated rear window is fitted. Electric window lifts and air conditioning are optional equipment.

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Alfetta  4 cyl., 1779 cm³ 122 cv - new model
  Berlina wb: 2510 mm    

The Alfetta saloon was launched in 1972, equipped with a 1.8-litre four-cylinder. It is a three-box, four-door saloon (Berlina in Italian) with seating for five designed by Centro Stile Alfa Romeo. The front end has twin equally sized headlamps connected to a central narrow Alfa Romeo shield by three chrome bars, while the tail lights are formed by three square elements.
Clutch and transmission are housed at the rear together with the differential for a more balanced weight distribution, as used on the Alfetta 158/159 Grand Prix cars. The suspension relies on double wishbones and torsion bars at the front and a De Dion tube at the rear.

ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA £2,100 approx.
Fangio drove an Alfetta monoposto in 1950 and became World Champion. The new Alfetta is a sporty saloon with 1,779 c.c. front engine and five-speed gearbox at the rear with the differential. De Dion rear axle is located by Watt linkage. Seats have head restraints; boot is carpeted. Four halogen lights, stainless steel bumpers and new air mix heater are standard.

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Junior Z

Junior Z  105.93 4 cyl., 1290 cm³ 89 cv - discontinued (1,117 ex.
1600 Junior Z 115.24 4 cyl., 1570 cm³ 109 cv - Turin (November)
  Coupé Zagato  wb: 2250 mm    

The 1600 Junior Z was launched at the 54th Turin Motor Show in November. This time the car is based on the unaltered floorpan of the 1600 Spider, so that the standard sized fuel tank could be left in place. As a consequence, at 4 metres long the 1600 Junior Z measures 100 mm (3.9 in) more than the 1300. This can be seen at the back were the sloping roofline runs further back and the back panel is different and lower. The lower part of the rear bumper features a bulge to make room for the spare tire. Besides the longer tail, a number of exterior details distinguishes the 1600 Junior Z from the previous model: the arched front bumper is bulkier, the fuel filler has been moved to the left hand side, the tail lights are larger items sourced from the 2000 Berlina, the door handles has black plastic housings, and the exhaust pipe is down turned. Badging on the tail now read "1600 Z" instead of "Junior Z". Inside the steering wheel is now a wood rimmed one, with horn buttons through the three metal spokes.
The 1,570 cc engine with two twin-choke carburettors has an output 109 bhp at 6,000 rpm. Top speed rose to 190 kilometres per hour (118 mph).



3rd 1000km Buenos Aires #10 T33/3-71 Facetti/Alberti/de Adamich
3rd Daytona 6 Hours #5 T33/TT/3 Elford/Marko
3rd 12 Hours Sebring #33 T33/TT/3 Vaccarella/Hezemans
3rd BOAC 1000km #8 T33/TT/3 Revson/Stommelen
2nd Targa Florio #5 T33/TT/3 Galli/Marko
3rd Targa Florio #4 T33/TT/3 De Adamich/Hezemans
3rd 1000km Nürburgring # T33/TT/3 De Adamich/Marko
2nd International Championship for Makes
Entries and results:
 Targa Florio (21.05.1972) Entrant: Results:
#         gen. class category
1 33 TT3   Vaccarella/Stommelen Autodelta fail. - -
2 33 TT3   Elford/Van Lennep Autodelta fail. - -
4 33 TT3   De Adamich/Hezemans Autodelta 3rd 3rd sport 3rd 2.0-3.0
5 33 TT3   Galli/Marko Autodelta 2nd 2nd sport 2nd 2.0-3.0
49 Giulia Speciale   Giugno/ Sutera Nissena fail. - -
74 Giulia GTA   Randazzo/ Ferraro Città dei Mille fail. - -
75 Giulia GTA   De Luca/Vassallo Pegaso fail. - -
76 Giulia GTA   Giono/Zanetti Monzeglio 22nd 14th GT 4th 1.3-1.6
78 Giulia GTA   Semilia/Crescenti Ateneo 35th 23th GT 8th 1.3-1.6
81 Giulia GTA   Rizzo/Balistreri   fail. - -
82 Giulia GTA   Gagliano/Gagliano Ateneo fail. - -
84 Giulia GTA   Tipa/Valenza Centro Sicula dns - -
85 Giulia GTA   Cristoforo/Franchis Ateneo 12th 5th GT 1st 1.3-1.6
86 Giulia GTA   Migliazzi/Sacchini   dns - -
87 Giulia GTA   Jemma/Caci Pegaso dns - -
88 Giulia GTA   Terminello/Esposito   19th 11th GT 3rd 1.3-1.6
90 Giulia GTA   Massai/Nardini   fail. - -
  24h Le Mans 11.06.1972 Entrant: Results: Index:
#         gen. class perf. eff.
17 33 TT 3   Elford/Marko Autodelta fail. - - -
18 33 TT 3   de Adamich/Vaccarella Autodelta 4th 4th sport 2.5-3.0    
19 33 TT 3   Stommelen/Galli Autodelta fail. - - -

2nd at Targa Florio: "Nanni" (Giovanni Galli) / Helmut Marko in the 33 TT3 by AutoDelta SpA.

3rd at Targa Florio: Andrea De Adamich / Toine Hezemans in the 33 TT3 by AutoDelta SpA.

Giulia TZ speciale Tiger (Carmelo Giugno / Salvatore Sutera) at Targa Florio by Nissena.

Giulia GTA ("Paul Chris" (Giuseppe Di Cristoforo) / E.De Franchis) finished 12th overall, 5th in gran turismo category and won 1301-1600 cc class at Targa Florio.

Alfa Romeo 33TT3. Andrea de Adamich with Elford came 4th in 1000km Brands Hatch (AutoDelta SpA).

Alfa Romeo 33 TT 3, engine: 2993 cm³ (Andrea de Adamich / Nino Vaccarella) by Autodelta SpA at 24h Le Mans.