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Alfa Romeo 1976

Giulia Nuova
1600 Junior Z - discontinued
GT - discontinued
Alfetta GT / GTV
Alfasud Sprint - new model


Alfetta GT 1.6 108 KM na początku roku. Latem GTV 2000 122 KM. Chromowany zderzak z kłami, dwie poziome listwy na wlocie powietrza, logo GTV na tylnych słupkach.
Alfasud Sprint z silnikiem 1,3 litra, 75 KM we wrześniu.
Luksusowy Alfasud 5m sedan z 5-biegową skrzynią.



Alfasud  B4 cyl., 1186 cm³ 63 cv Berlina 4-dr wb: 2455 mm  
Alfasud L B4 cyl., 1186 cm³ 63 cv Berlina 4-dr wb: 2455 mm - discontinued
Alfasud 5m B4 cyl., 1186 cm³ 63 cv Berlina 4-dr wb: 2455 mm - Geneva
Alfasud TI  B4 cyl., 1186 cm³ 68 cv Berlina 2-dr wb: 2455 mm  
Giardinietta B4 cyl., 1186 cm³ 63 cv Estate 3-dr wb: 2455 mm  

ALFASUD £2,299
The four-speed saloon seen here, is joined by the 5m with the five-speed gearbox as previously reserved for the fast ti saloon, with its special carburetter and rear spoiler. Fifth speed is geared up to give quiet fast cruising on low fuel consumption. The engine is a flat four with two belt-driven overhead camshafts driving the front wheels. The new coupe by Giugiaro is out too, with 1,286 c.c. engine.

London show review

The Lusso model was replaced with the new Alfasud 5m (5 marce - five speed) model, the first four-door Alfasud with a five-speed gearbox. Presented at the March 1976 Geneva Motor Show, it is equipped like the Lusso it replaced.

Alfasud TI


Giulia Nuova Super

Super 1.3 4 cyl., 1290 cm³ 89 cv  
Super 1.6 4 cyl., 1570 cm³ 102 cv  
Super Diesel 4 cyl., diesel 1760 cm³ 55 cv - this year only (approx. 6,500 ex.)
  Berlina   wb: 2510 mm    

Giulia Nuova Diesel

Giulia Nuova Super Diesel is fitted with a Perkins 1,760 cc diesel for 55 bhp at 4000 rpm. It is Alfa Romeo first attempt at diesel power. The same Perkins diesel was used also in Alfa Romeo F12 van. The diesel version is heavy and underowered, capable of 138 km/h (86 mph), and the engine is somehow unsuitable for a sport sedan. Only around 6500 examples were made.



1.8  4 cyl., 1779 cm³ 122 cv  
1.6 4 cyl., 1570 cm³ 109 cv  
  Berlina wb: 2510 mm    



2000  4 cyl., 1962 cm³ 130 cv  
  Berlina wb: 2570 mm  


2000 GT Veloce 105.21 4 cyl., 1962 cm³ 132 ch - discontinued (37,459 ex.)
1.6 GT Junior 4 cyl., 1570 cm³   - discontinued  
1.3 GT Junior 4 cyl., 1290 cm³   - discontinued  
  Coupé   wb: 2350 mm    

2000 GT Veloce


1600 Junior Z

1600 Junior Z 115.24 4 cyl., 1570 cm³ 109 cv - discontinued (402 ex.
  Coupé Zagato  wb: 2250 mm    

In total 402 examples of the 1600 were made, the last one being produced in 1973.



1300 Junior   4 cyl., 1290 cm³, 89 cv  
1600 Junior 4 cyl., 1570 cm³, 110 cv  
2000 Veloce 4 cyl., 1962 cm³, 132 cv  
    Roadster   wb: 2250 mm    


Alfetta GT and GTV

GT 1.8    1779 cm³, 122 cv - discontinued
GT 1.6   1570 cm³, 108 cv - new model
GTV 2000   1962 cn³, 122 cv - new model
  Coupé wb: 2400 mm  

The 1.8 was discontinued in favour of the 1.6-litre (1,570 cc) Alfetta GT 1.6 and 2.0-litre (1,962 cc) Alfetta GTV 2.0. At the same time some updates were introduced, such as a new front grille with horizontal slats and two series of vents beneath it. The GTV is distinguished from the 1.6 version by twin chrome whiskers in the grille and GTV scripts carved in the ventilation vents on the C-pillar.

Launched in 1974 with a 1.8-litre engine, this striking Giugiaro-designed coupe is now made in two versions, GT with 1.6-litre unit and GTV with 2 litres. Both engines have twin overhead camshafts. The GTV has revised grille, new wheels. The air grilles in the rear quarters have gone, the interior is still more luxurious. Transmission is by five-speed gearbox at the rear; the GT has a lower axle ratio.

London show review



Montreal  V8 cyl., 90°, 2593 cm³ 200 cv  
  Coupé  wb: 2350 mm


Alfasud Sprint

Sprint  B4 cyl., 1286 cm³ 76 cv - new model
  Coupé wb: 2455 mm    

The Alfasud Sprint was prestented to the press in September 1976 in Baia Domizia (Caserta) and shown at the Turin Motor Show in November. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro like the Alfasud, whose mechanicals it is based on, it has a lower, more angular design, featuring a hatchback (although no folding rear seats). The Alfasud Sprint is assembled together with the Alfasud in the Pomigliano d'Arco plant, located in southern Italy—hence the original "Sud" moniker, which means south in Italian.
Under the bonnet there is a new version of the Alfasud's 1186 cc four-cylinder boxer engine, stroked to displace 1,286 cc, fed by a twin-choke carburator and developing 76 bhp at 6,000 rpm. Mated to the flat-four is a five-speed, all-synchromesh gearbox. The interior is upholstered in dark brown Texalfa leatherette and tartan cloth. Options are limited to alloy wheels, a quartz clock and metallic paint.



Entries and results:
  Targa Florio 15.05.1976 Entrant: Results:
#         gen. class  
67 Giulia GTA   Accardi/Saporito   dnf -  
71 Giulia GTA   D'Amico / Marino   41st 6th GT 1.6  
78 Giulia GTA   Premoli/Tali   dnf -  
101 GTV   Barone / Russo   16th    
102 GTV   Pallme Konig/Palma   39th    
105 2000 GTV   Montalbano/Verso   27th    
106 GTV   Caruso / Piccolo   30th    
107 2000 GTV   Ayala/Picciurro   43rd    
109 GTV   Lo Jacono / Luna   dnf -  
111 GTV   Cita / Perico   26th    
114 2000 GTV   Carrotta/Chiappisi   9th    
115 2000 GTV   Donato/Donato   5th    
118 GTV   Cannella/Montalto   51st    
119 GTV   Della Vedova/La Porta   53rd    
120 2000 GTV   Sabato/Sapienza   47th    

GTV 2000 (A.Carrotta - G.Chiappisi) at Targa Florio.