Classic Car Catalogue

Alpine 1957

  wb: 2100 mm 4cyl.
747 cm³
21 ch
747 cm³
30 ch
747 cm³
40/42 ch
A-106 coach 2-dr 1062 1062-S 1063
Mille Miles
A-106 cabriolet 1062 - - – October


The convertible by Chappe & Gessalin shown at last year's Paris show didn't reach the production stage. Jean Rédélé decided to go back to Italy instead. The first prototype body designed by Michelotti and built by Allemano arrived at Dieppe in January.
In the spring the company acquired new premisses in Brie-Comte-Robert.
To provide the necessary rigidity the original chassis was reinforced and by October the new Alpine Cabriolet was ready for launch at the Paris Motor Show.

Nowy kabriolet stylizowany przez Michelotti zaprezentowany w Paryżu.

The coach follows improvements of the Renault 4CV and received different wheels and new door handles.

The first cabriolet by Michelotti which arrived at Dieppe in January. It has central bonnet strip ending with a handle, elegant door handles round wheel arches and one-piece bumpers. All those details will change on serial models.

The Alpine cabriolet by Michelotti made its official debut at the Paris Motor Show. So far only the front handle has disappeared.