Classic Car Catalogue

Alpine 1961

  wb: 4cyl.
845 cm³
40 ch
904 cm³
50 ch
998 cm³
70 ch
berlinette 2100 mm A-108/850 A-108/904 A-108/998
coupé 2100 mm A-108/850 A-108/904 A-108/998
cabriolet 2100 mm A-108/850 A-108/904 A-108/998
coupé 2+2 2170 mm A-108/850 A-108/904 A-108/998


Launched last year the whole new range of sports cars produced by this small company from Dieppe is now in full swing. They differ slightly from the prototypes introduced at the Paris Motor Show last year, the most visible being external hinges on the bonnet. In the middle of the year they gained new, more elegant wheels.
The Paris Motor Show in October saw a slightly modified windscreen and wind-up door windows on the berlinette and conventional door handles instead of push-buttons on all models. On the same occasion the coupé 2+2 recieved new, more aesthetic bumpers.

In November Willys do Brazil introduced their own, locally produced Alpine A-108 called Interlagos. Since 1959 Willys produces the Renault Dauphine for the local market.

Zakłady Willys do Brasil rozpoczęły montaż A 108, które nazywają się tam Willys Interlagos.

A-108 cabriolet in its final form with visible bonnet hinges.

A-108 coupé2+2

From the summer the convertible gained new wheels with smaller holes.

A-108 coupé

A-108 coupé

The berlinette Tour de France model '62 exhibited at the Paris Motor Show in October. The main external difference to this year's model is wind-up door windows.

Coupé 2+2 model '62.




Although production of the old model was phased-out it is still present at sport events. Here at the Liége-Sofia-Liége marathon, the car is driven through a ford somwhere in Yugoslavia by Herni Greder.