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Alpine 1970

wb: 2100 mm 4cyl.
1289 cm³
81 ch (SAE)
1255 cm³
103 ch (SAE)
1296 cm³
132 ch (SAE)
1565 cm³
102 ch (SAE)
1565 cm³
138 ch (SAE)
berlinette TdF "85" 1300 "G" 1300 S 1600 1600 S


Berlinette Tour de France model '71

Introduced in 1960 berlinette Tour de France has evolved and matured. This year it is the only Alpine model, available with five different engines. The smallest "85" unit comes from Renault R12. The new 1600S has a front radiator and is recognisable by the air intake under the bumper. Steering and suspension are re-designed to improve handling and comfort. A dual brake circuit is standard on all models.
For 1971 the front indicators have been moved to just above the bumper.
Production 1970: 976 ex.


1600 S 4 cyl. 1565 cm³ 155 ch    


3rd Monte Carlo Nicolas-Roure A-110
1st Sanremo-Sestriere Thérier-Callewaert A-110 1600
3rd Sanremo-Sestriere Vinatier-Jacob A-110 1600
1st Acropolis Rally Thérier-Callewaert A-110 1600
2nd Acropolis Rally Vinatier-Stone A-110 1600
2nd International Championship for Manufacturers
1st Rajd Polski Andruet-Veron A-110 1600
1st Tour de Corse Darniche-Demange A-110 1800
2nd Tour de Corse Andruet-Vial A-110 1600
3rd Tour de Corse Manzagol-Oliva A-110 1600
  Targa Florio entries:
Entrant: Results:
#278 A 110 Ramoino/Giacomini Jolly Club 20th
6th - GT, 1st - up to 1300

A 110 ("Ro" Romano Ramoino - Giuseppe Giacomini) won up to 1300 cc class in GT category at Targa Florio (Jolly Club).

A 110 at Targa Florio.