Classic Car Catalogue

Alpine-Renault 1978

A-310 coupé 2+2
wb: 2270 mm
2664 cm³
150 ch (DIN)


New in the Alpine range this year is the A-310 V6 Group 4, which was revealed in October just before the Paris Motor Show. This model, designed for competition, has a body modified by Heuliez with large spoilers and four additional headlights. The V6-cylinder 2664 cc engine is fitted with three carburettors developing nearly 250 b.h.p.




1st 24h Le Mans #2 A442B Pironi/Jaussaud
Entries and results:
24h Le Mans 11.06.1978 Entrant: Results:
#   chassis     gen. category class
1 A443 A443/1 Jabouille/Depailler Renault Elf fail. S+2.0 -    
2 A442-B A442/3 Pironi/Jaussaud Renault Elf 1st S+2.0 1st +2.0 1st
3 A442-A A442/2 Jarier / Bell Renault Elf fail. S+2.0 -    
4 A442-A A442/1 Ragnotti/Fréquelin/Dolhem/Jabouille Renault Elf 4th S+2.0 4th    
73 A310   de Saint-Pierre / Mignot Décure dnq GTP3.0 -    

Renault Alpine A442-A, chassis #A442/1, engine: Renault 2795 cm³ (Jean Ragnoti / Guy Fréquelin / José Dolhem / Jean-Pierre Jabouille) by Ecurie Calberson finished 4th at 24 Le Mans.

Renault Alpine A442-A, chassis #A442/2, engine: Renault 2795 cm³ (Derek Bell / Jean-Pierre Jarier) by at 24h Le Mans.

24h Le Mans winner: Renault Alpine A442-B "Bubble top", chassis #A442/3, engine: Renault 2795 cm³ (Didier Pironi / Jean-Pierre Jaussaud) by Equipe Renault Elf Sport.

#1 Renault Alpine A443, chassis #A443/1, engine: Renault 2993 cm³ (Jean-Pierre Jabouille / Patrick Depailler) by Equipe Renault Elf Sport, here in practice for 24h Le Mans.