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APOLLO 1963 




Apollo GT - publikacja ze stycznia tego roku.


A Torinese bull has also been adopted for an Italo-U.S. project, Intermecanica's Apollo IM Gran Turismo, which appears for the first time some 18 months after the project was initiated. It is a conventional-looking fastback Coupé by Scaglione. reminiscent of the DB2-4 and DB-3 Axon Martins, and the steel body is welded to a simple tubular frame. Most mechanical components are from G.M.'s Buick Skylark, the engine being a 4.9-litre vee-8 giving 253 b.h.p. (gross). Coil. springs are used front and rear, the live back axle being located by a four-link system.
(Turin report)