Classic Car Catalogue

Armstrong Siddeley 1931

Great Britain

30 Mk II (R6, ohv, 4960cc)(wb-11'8'')
20 Short (R6, sv, 2872cc)(wb-10'0'')
20 Long (R6, sv, 2872cc)(wb-10'9'')
12/6 (R6, sv, 1236cc)(wb-8'9'') – discontinued
12 (R6, sv, 1434cc)(wb-8'1''/8'9'') – this year only(?)

Six-Light Coach-Built Saloon on the 8 ft 9 in wheelbase 12 HP chassis which was available with either disc (shown) or wire spoke wheels.


Armstrong Siddeley offer six chassis, all with six-cylinder engines. They range from the 1434-cc 12 HP up to the 4960-cc 30 HP.





  Race: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
16-21.01.1931 Rallye Monte Carlo 1 134 S.C.H. 'Sammy' Davis   20th  
30.07-6.08.1931 Coupe des Alpes 1 1 1 30 W.F. Bradley / Whitlock 2872cc 17th Coupe des Glaciers →3000 4th


S.C.H. 'Sammy' Davis and his Armstron Siddeley in Monaco.