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Aston Martin 1949 

Great Britain

Two-litre Sports DB1
DB2 - debut



Aston Martin 2-Litre Sports of 1948/49 became known as the DB1 with the advent of the DB2. Front suspension is independent with trailing arms, coil springs and anti-roll torsion bar. The rear axle is rigid, with coil springs, the torque being taken by arms extending from the axle to a cross member of the square-section fabricated steel tube frame.
Aston Martin DB2 prototype, which was third at Spa and raced at Le Mans. This car is a development of Claude Hill's tubular space frame chassis with Tickford two-seater Coupé bodywork. It is fitted with the ohc 105 bhp 2580cc straight six engine designed by W. O. Bentley for Lagonda (which, like Aston Martin and Tickford, was acquired by David Brown). Top speed is 109 mph. Smooth full width body, is two seater fixed head Coupé with V windscreen. Optional column change gives three abreast seating possibility. A few drop heads also built.


Two-litre Sports DB1






3rd 24h Spa     Johnson / Brackenbury
3rd Rudge Withworth Cup #27 DB1 Jones / Haines



  24h Le Mans 25.06.1949 Entrant: Results:
        gen. class
#19 DB 2 Johnson / Brackenbury Aston Martin fail. -
#27 DB 2 Jones / Haines Jones 7th 3rd - 1501-2000
#28 DB 2 Marechal / Mathieson Hichens acc. -
#29 DB 1 Lawrie / Parker Lawrie 11th 4th - 1501-2000
#30 Speed Model Monkhouse / Stapleton Monkhouse fail. -
#31 Speed Model Heal / Folland Folland fail. -


Trzecie miejsce (Johnson/Brackenburry) w 24h Spa (B).

DB 2

DB 2 (Leslie Johnson / Charles Brackenbury) at Le Mans.

DB 2 (Pierre Marechal / T.A.S.O. Mathieson) at Le Mans.


DB 2 (Arthur W. Jones / Nick Haines) at Le Mans.

DB 1 (Robert Lawrie / R. W. Parker) at Le Mans.