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Aston Martin 1956 

Great Britain

DB 2-4 Mk2 (R6, 2922cc, 140bhp; wb 8ft 3in)
DB 3S – discontinued

DB 2-4

Aston Martin DB2-4 Mark II Sports Saloon was facelifted for 1955 and is distinguished from the Mark I by the different rear wing line incorporating modified lighting and signalling units, a front-hinged bonnet which no longer include the side panels, and chrome side strips. Also available are drophead Coupé and hard-top versions. These two were discontinued in the autumn of 1956.
Aston Martin DB3S Competition model, from May 1956, is available to special order with fixed-head Coupé bodywork. It feature curving wings and fluting on the side of the bonnet nose above the mesh grille. The 3-litre engine developed 210 bhp at 6000 rpm.

One of Britain's exciting luxury sports cars, the Aston Martin achieves a remarkable combination of performance and comfort, centring upon the outstandingly smooth and powerful six-cylinder engine. Road holding, steering, gear box and furnishings all match the same high standard. Accommodation is for two, or an occasional four, with lavish or sufficient luggage space respectively.
(London report, October '56)


DB 2-4 Mk II


DB 2-4 Mk II




DB 2-4 Touring at London Show in October.



DB 3S – one of the three coupés built this year.


F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:
  12h Sebring 24.03.1956 (round 2) Results:
#   chassis   Entrant: gen. class
26 DB3S #6 Moss / Collins David Brown fail. S3.0 -    
27 DB3S #7 Salvadori / Shelby David Brown 4th S3.0 1st    
28 DB3S #8 Parnell / Brooks David Brown fail. S3.0 -    
  Nürburgring 1000 km 27.05.1956 (round 4) Results:
#   chassis   Entrant: gen. class
9 DB3S #5 Collins / Brooks David Brown 5th S+2.0 4th    
10 DB3S #8 Walker / Salvadori David Brown fail. S+2.0 -    
Other entries:
  24h Le Mans 28.07.1956 Entrant: Results:
# chassis gen. class perf. index
8 DB3S #9 Moss / Collins Aston Martin 2nd 2.0-3.0 1st 6th
9 DB3S #10 Walker / Salvadori Aston Martin acc.   - -
14 DBR 1/250 #1 Brooks / Parnell Aston Martin fail.   - -
2nd 24h Le Mans #8 DB3S Moss/Collins
3rd Rudge Withworth Cup #8 DB3S Moss/Collins
1st R.A.C. Sims

2nd at 24h Le Mans: DB 3 S (Stirling Moss / Peter Collins).


DBR 1/250 (Tony Brooks / Reg Parnell) at Le Mans

PROBABLY no make among those entered this year has been more consistently successful over so long a period than Aston Martin. Beginning with the Bertelli-designed cars of the early 'thirties, they have won the Biennial Cup three .-times, the Index of Performance once and have often been well placed in the general classification, culminating in a second place last year. For the two DB3S entries this year, changes are confined to the bodies. A head fairing has been added behind the driver and a full-width screen, of course, will be fitted. The nose has been cleaned up; the head lamps now have Perspex covers which also enclose the side lights, and the air inlet is divided into five ducts which serve radiator, carburettors, cockpit and front brakes. The fuel tank filler, contained in the head fairing, is reached by opening a hinged panel. In other respects the cars are identical to those which have been in production for some time. The six-cylinder, twin overhead camshaft, 2,992 c.c. engine has dual ignition, and carburation is by three dual-choke Weber instruments. A four speed synchromesh gear box is in unit with the engine and clutch. A step-ladder frame of large diameter tubes is used, and suspension is by transverse torsion bars, with Porsche-type trailing links at the front and de Dion axle at the rear. Girling disc brakes are fitted, and to accommodate these the wire wheels have an unusual arrangement of offset spokes. There is much conjecture about the third car in the team, which has an engine of 2,490 c.c., but no details are being released before the race.


Aston Martin DB 3 S, chassis #8, engone: L6 2922 cc (Reg Parnell / Tony Brooks) by David Brown & Sons, Ltd. at 12 Hours Sebring.