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Aston Martin 1957 

Great Britain

DB 2-4 Mk2 - ost rok
DB Mk III - nowy model

DB 2-4. Amerykańska publikacja z maja '57.


Option Mk 2 was "notch back" fixed head, but only 34 made.
From 1957, 2-4, suffix is dropped cars are known as DB Mk III. Body has lower bonnet line and squatter grille. Engine is extensively re-engineered with new stiffer block, larger diameter cam shafts, and bigger valves. Power is now up to 162bhp, or 202 bhp with optional triple carbs. Also optional front discs, overdrive and auto transmission.
Mk III B from late 1957 gets standard discs.

DB 2-4 Superleggera Touring. Powstały tylko 3 egzemplarze.





Aston Martin DB Mark III Coupé with special bodywork made by Bertone of Turin, Italy.

  24h Le Mans 23.06.1957 Entrant: Results:
#   chassis     gen. class perf.index
5 DBR 2/370 #1 Whitehead / Whitehead David Brown fail. - -
19 DBR 1/300 #1 Salvadori / Leston David Brown fail. - -
20 DBR 1/300 #2 Brooks/Cunningham-Reid David Brown acc. - -
21 DB 3 S #117 Colas / Kerguen David Brown 11th 1st - 2001-3000 19th
1st 1000km Nürburgring DBR 1 #14 Brooks/Cunningham

1000km Nürburgring.

DBR 2 podczas zwycięskiego wyścigu w Silverstone.


24 Hours Le Mans, Aston Martin DBR1/300 Les Leston with Roy Salvadori.


DB 3 S (Jean-Paul Colas / Jean Kerguen) at Le Mans