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DB 4
DB 4 GT - nowy model

DB 4



Aston Martin DB4 GT Sports Coupé, introduced in September 1959, and its DB4 saloon counterpart, introduced the previous year, forms the company's model range at the outset of the decade. Powered by a six-cylinder, 3670-cc, twin ohc engine which develop 302 bhp at 6000 rpm, the GT feature disc brakes all round, a limited-slip differential, 30 gallon fuel tank, front hinged bonnet and faired-in headlamps and is some five inches shorter than the saloon at 14 ft 3 3/8 in. Price £4534 (£3755 for the saloon).

DB 4 GT Zagato

DB 4 GT Zagato

American advert May 1960.



24h Le Mans 26.06.1960 Entrant: Results: index
#   chassis     gen. class perf. eff.
7 DBR 1/300 #3 Salvadori/Clark Border Reivers 3rd 3rd - sport 3.0 6th 4th
8 DBR 1/300 #2 Baillie/Fairman I.B. Baillie 9th 4th - sport 3.0 15th  
3rd 24h Le Mans #7 DBR 1/300 Clark/Salvadori

DBR1/300 (Ian B. Baillie / Jack Fairman) at Le Mans.

Following their withdrawal from sports car racing, Aston Martin have no works car entries this year, and it is regrettable that there is no example of the DB4 G.T. model in the important gram turismo category. The privately entered DBR1-300 sports-racing cars are two of the ex-works machines which last year won at Le Mans, and brought the World Championship for Sports Car Constructors to this country.
The Border Reivers' entry, to be driven by Roy Salvadori and Jim Clark, is the car which won the Nurburgring 1000km race last year, and subsequently caught fire when leading the Tourist Trophy.
Ian Baillie's car, which he will share with Jack Fairman, is the machine that Baillie and Edward Greenall drove at the Nurburgring. It is, in fact, last year's Le Mans winner.

(The Autocar '60)

3rd at 24h Le Mans: DBR 1/300, chassis #3, engine: Aston Martin 2.992 cc. (Roy Salvadori / Jim Clark).