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Austin 1935

Light Twelve-Four  
Light Twelve-Six  

Great Britain

This is basically the 1934/35 civilian model, with only minor modifications. Nearly 900 of this version were delivered to the British Army. It superseded the earlier type which had military pattern bodywork and was popularly known as 'the pram'.


wb: 6 ft 9 in 4 cyl. sv
747.5 cc
12 bhp
7.8 HP
Ruby Saloon  
Ruby Fixed Head Saloon  
Pearl Cabriolet  
Open Road Tourer  
Opal Two-Seater  
Nippy Sports Two-Seater  


Seven Pearl Cabriolet
Seven Ruby De Luxe Saloon is one of a wide range of models in this popular economy range. Like the other Austin ranges the bodywork had been entirely restyled for the 1935 model year (commencing July 1934). It is generally more rounded, with slightly sloping radiator grille and shell painted to match the coachwork, longer bonnet with ventilator doors matching the scuttle ventilator, radiator filler under the bonnet, strengthened and lowered frame and other improvements. The Ruby have a 747.5-cc (56x76 mm) 12-bhp side-valve four-cylinder rubber-mounted engine, rated at 7.8 HP, with four-speed synchromesh gearbox. Wheelbase is 6 ft 9 in, tyre size 4.00-17. It cost £120; the basic version, without sliding roof, is available at £112.
Seven Two-Seater for 1935 selling season was initially a continuation of the earlier square style, designated Opal. The Opal and the four-seater Open Road Tourer, in fact, retained the 1933/34 high frame until well into the 1935 model year. The Nippy and Speedy Sports Two-seaters are also continued with the earlier body styling.
The Austin Models for 1936

The braking system of the Seven has been improved, and the range now includes a new Open Road four-seater tourer, similar in line to the Ruby saloon, mounted on the same dropped chassis, and embodying a spare-wheel compartment and disappearing luggage grid. The two-seater has a new frontal design to bring it into line with the other models. Prices of the Seven run from £102 10s. for the two-seater to £142 for the Nippy sports two-seater, the Pearl cabriolet being £128, and the Ruby saloon £125 or with fixed head £118. The Open Road tourer costs £112.
October '35

Seven Ruby Saloon

Seven Speedy

Seven Opal Tourer


  wb: 93 in.
(2362 mm)
4 cyl. sv
1125 cc
20 bhp
9.9 HP
4 cyl. sv
1125 cc
30 bhp
9.9 HP
Lichfield Saloon      
Lichfield Fixed Head Saloon      
Colwyn Cabriolet      
Ripley Sports Tourer      
Open Road Tourer      
Clifton Two-Seater      


The Austin Models for 1936

The Ten-Four has also finished another year of record sales. An improvement noticeable in this model is the provision of Luvax hydraulic shock absorbers in place of the frictional type formerly fitted. Maintenance is further simplified by the titling of a self-lubricating carbon thrust, thus eliminating the oiling point for the clutch withdrawal thrust race. The lines of the Lichfield saloon and the Colwyn cabriolet are improved by the adoption of the swept roof line with a windscreen with curved top and corners, as introduced on the Seven last year. The Open Road tourer now has a rear panel design which encloses the spare wheel and provides a luggage platform. Prices of the Ten-Four range from £153 for the Open Road tourer, the Clifton two-seater. or the Lichfield fixed-head saloon, to £215 for the Ripley sports tourer.
October '35

10-4 Lichfield Saloon

10-4 Cowlyn Cabriolet

10-4 Clifton Two-Seater and Open Road Tourer

10-4 Ripley Sports Tourer

10-4 Lichfield and 12-6 Ascot (in the background)

10-4 Colwyn Cabriolet

Light Twelve-Four and Twelve-Six

wb: 8 ft 10 in.   4 cyl.
1535 cc
28 bhp
11.9 HP
6 cyl.
13.9 HP
6 cyl.
1711 cc
35 bhp
15.9 HP
Ascot Saloon 12-4 12-6 12-6  
Ascot Fixed Head Saloon 12-4 12-6 12-6  
Kempton Sports Saloon - 12-6 12-6  
Open Road Tourer 12-4 12-6 12-6  
Eton Two-Seater 12-4 12-6 12-6  


The Austin Models for 1936

The Light Twelve range continues to be available with either a four-cylinder engine of 11.9 h.p. or a six-cylinder unit of 13.9 or 15.9 h.p. All these models have a down-draught carburettor, and the Light Twelve-Four has in addition a combined intake silencer and air cleaner. A new type of steering gear is fitted. The range now includes an Open Road tourer having the distinctive lines of the Ascot saloon, with a spare-wheel compartment and luggage platform. A new form of the Eton two-seater has the latest frontal design. The 11.9 h.p. Ascot saloon costs £208.
October '35

Sixteen and Eighteen

swb: 9 ft 4 in.
lwb: 10 ft
  6 cyl.
2249 cc
15.9 HP
6 cyl.
2510 cc
43 bhp
17.9 HP
Chalfont Saloon with division
York Saloon
Hertford Saloon
Westminster Saloon Four-Light -


Austin Sixteen-Six could be ordered with Hayes self-selector automatic gearbox at extra cost.
Austin Eighteen-Six look similar to the Sixteen-Six, the reason being that the Sixteen could be supplied with either 2249-cc or 2510-cc engine. Both have 111-mm stroke but bore is 65.5 mm and 69.5 mm respectively, giving a treasury rating of 15.9 and 17.9 HP. Wheelbase is 10 ft or 9 ft 4 in. depending on body style.
The Austin Models for 1936

Perhaps the most important improvements for 1936 are shown in the Sixteen and Eighteen models, for which the Girling type braking system has been adopted. Other improvements are the cam steering gear, and one which the owner-driver will welcome is hydraulic jacking which is easily operated from the driving seat. A combined intake silencer and air cleaner is fitted to the carburettor, and the road springs have anti-friction disks between the main leaves to preserve suppleness. These cars can be had with the Hayes Self-selector transmission at £50 extra. The Hertford saloon costs £298 with the 16 h.p. engine, or £318 with the 18 h.p. unit. In this range there is the Chalfont saloon with division, costing £328 and £338 with the respective engines; and the York saloons which are £10 less. The highest priced model is the four-light Westminster saloon, £348 with the 17.9 h.p. unit.
October '35

16 York Saloon


  wb: 6 cyl.
3400 cc
57 bhp
23.4 HP
Ranelagh 120 in. (3048 mm)   - discontinued
Mayfair 127 in. (3226 mm)    


The Austin Models for 1936

The Austin Twenty can be obtained as the Mayfair limousine or landaulette. The innovations on the Twenty chassis include the adoption of hydraulic jacks and the Girling braking system.
October '35



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
15.06.1935 24h Le Mans 4 4 2 60 Seven (749 cc) Dodson / Richardson 28th (up to 750 2nd)
          62 Seven (749 cc) Carr / Barbour 27th (up to 750 1st)

Le Mans.

Le Mans.

Le Mans.
  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
19-27.01.1935 Rallye Monte Carlo 1 1 1 43 Harney / Evans Seven 74th