Classic Car Catalogue

Austin 1959

A55 – discontinued
A95 – discontinued (1954-59 - 55100 ex.)
A105 – discontinued
A135 – discontinued
A55 – new model
A99 – new model in July
Seven – new model in October (London)

Great Britain

October 1959 advert.
Zalety angielskich taksówek zostały docenione za oceanem. Kilkanaście egzemplarzy nowych Austinów FX4 zostało zamówionych w celu przeprowadzenia testów w Nowym Jorku i Filadelfii. 1958/59 powstało 216 szt.
Zakończono produkcję luksusowych limuzyn Princess pod marką Austin. Od przyszłego roku będą one sprzedawane z nową nazwą Vanden Plas.
Seven jest kopią Morrisa Mini Minor. Produkowany jest od maja z zakładach w Longbridge i Cowley (Morris).

Program '59. Widoczny na samym dole Metropolitan sprzedawany jest w USA przez koncern American Motors.

Październikowa reklama Austina. Oferta na rok 1960.

October advert. The range for 1960.


wb: 6ft 7½in 4 cyl.
948 cc
34 bhp
Saloon 4-dr Seven - discontinued
Saloon 2-dr Seven - discontinued
Estate Countryman  


Austin A 35


wb: 6ft 11½in 4 cyl.
948 cc
34 bhp
Countryman   - new model in September


A40 Saloon

A40 Countryman

A55 Cambridge

wb: 8ft 3¼in 4 cyl.
1489 cc
51 bhp
Saloon A55 - discontinued



A 95 Westminster

wb: 8ft 9¾in 6 cyl.
2639 cc
92 bhp
6 cyl.
2639 cc
102 bhp
- discontinued
Saloon A95 A105  
Countryman A95 -  
Saloon   Vanden Plas  



A55 Cambridge

wb: 8ft 3¼in R4 cyl.
1489 cc
53 bhp
Saloon   – new model


This new Farina styled Saloon is the replacement for the A55. Available in either standard or de luxe form-feature bodystyling by Pinin Farina of Italy, using straight lines and finned rear wings. The well tried 1489-cc BMC B-Series engine, which is continued with a number of modifications, develops 53 bhp (gross) at 4350 rpm.

Austin A55 Cambridge Mark II 'Farina' Saloon.

Austin A 55 Cambridge Mk2

A99 Westminster

wb: 9ft 0 in 6 cyl.
2912 cc
103 bhp
Saloon   – new model


Outwardly similar to the Farina styled A55 Cambridge, A99 Westminster announced shortly later is longer, wider, and lower. "C" series engine now increased to 2912cc and giving 103 bhp and top speed of 98 mph. Column shift, three speed all synchro box with overdrive, or automatic. Front disc brakes, servo assisted. No Vanden Plas version but Wolseley 6/99 is identical apart from grille and better equipped interior.


wb: 6ft 8¼in 4 cyl.
848 cc
34 bhp
Saloon   - new model




    4 cyl.
2199 cc
62 bhp
4 cyl. diesel
2178 cc
55 bhp



Princess IV
Vanden Plas Princess

wb: 10ft 1¾in 6 cyl. ohv
3993 cc
150 bhp
- discontinued
Saloon   200 ex.


This Vanden Plas-bodied luxury Austin model is similar to the long-wheelbase Limousine, but includes as standard fitments: automatic transmission, power steering, electrically-operated division, footrests and mohair rugs in rear compartment, and an electric clock and cigar lighter for the rear-seat passengers. For 1960 it become Vanden Plas Princess.

Princess Long-wheelbase 'Special Equipment' Limousine.

FX4 and FL2

Taxi FX4 FX4D  
Hire Car FL2 FL2D  


Austin Taxi, Model FX4D, was introduced in mid-1959. It have a redesigned body, a 2.2-litre diesel engine and optional automatic transmission. The Hire Car version is designated FL2D.