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Austin Healey 1956

Great Britain

100 (BN1/BN2) roadster 4 cyl. - ost. rok
100M roadster (110 KM) - ost. rok
100S roadster (132 KM) - ost. rok
100 Six (BN4/BN6) (R6, 2639cc roadster - nowy model 


100 Six


100 and it's special versions 100S (October '54) and 100M (October '55) were continued until mid-1956 when they were superseded by the 100 Six.

In basic design 100 Six remains very much the same as its predecessor in both appearance and performance, but it now has the added smoothness and docility of a six-cylinder engine-the 2,639 c.c. unit which is common to four other B.M.C. products. The accommodation has been augmented by two seats for children behind the driver and passenger, at some sacrifice of luggage space in the rear locker, and there are improvements to its rough weather protection, safety and convenience. A new, wide-mesh grille of modified outline distinguishes it from the previous model, and the windscreen is now a fixture. Hitherto, it will be remembered, this could be lowered rakishly along the scuttle to decrease frontal area for all-out speed work. New and striking colour schemes improve an already very handsome car, and the standard of finish is high in view of its modest price. A semi-rigid tonneau cover of ingenious design has been developed, to protect the rear seats when-not in use. Basis of the Austin-Healey is a substantial and rigid box-section chassis, to which the fixed components of the body are welded. A cheaper model is now listed, with ventilated steel disc wheels and lacking, for instance, the hitherto standard overdrive unit. Initial production will probably be confined, however, to the more elaborately equipped car.



F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:
  1000 km Buenos Aires 29.01.1956 (round 1) Results:
#       Entrant: gen. class
21 100 M   Carballido / Carballido   fail. S3.0 -    
  12h Sebring 24.03.1956 (round 2) Results:
#   chassis #   Entrant: gen. class
29 100 S   Macklin / Scott-Brown Donald Healey fail. S3.0 -    
30 100 S   Jackson-Moore / Forbes-Robinson Donald Healey fail. S3.0 -    
31 100 S AHS 3804 Stiles / Huntoon Ship & Shores Motors 11th S3.0 3rd    
64 100 S AHS 3506 Brewster / Rutan William Brewster fail. S3.0 -    
  Mille Miglia 18-29.04.56 (round 3) Results:
#   chassis #   Entrant: gen. category class
242 100 S   Brooke / Asbury   acc. SP -    
243 100 M   Verilli / Ferrari   dnf SP -    
246 100 M   Rousseau / Vessiler   dns SP -    
247 100 S SPL 256BN Wisdom / Monaco   77th SP 5th SP+2.0 2nd
  Sveriges Grand Prix 12.08.1956 (round 5) Results:
#   chassis #   Entrant: gen. class    
35 100 S AHS 3810 Flower / Somerset R.Flower 14th PS+2.0 3rd    

Austin-Healey 100 S, engine: BMC A90 L4 2660 cc (Lance Macklin / Archie Scott-Brown) by Donald Healey Motor Co. Ltd. at 12 Hours Sebring.


100 Six driven by Carroll Shelby, Roy Jackson-Moore and Donald Healey at Bonneville in 1956 when it set many International Class D endurance reCords. (The car was Healey Blue and White in colour) The reCord setting was used to promote the new 100-Six introduced later in that same year. This streamlined was the same car (SPL 227B) as that used in the reCord setting in 1953 and 1954 and is based on a 100 chassis. However the 1956 version have a six cylinder C series engine of the type later introduced in the production 100-Six although with appropriate modifications, which include triple Weber 40 DCOE's and a 10.2:1 compression ratio. The other obvious difference is the specially designed streamlined aluminium body made up by Jensen under the guidance of Dr.John Wevering.

Stirling Moss driving the 100 Six Endurance car at Nassau Speed Week in 1956.