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Austin Healey 1958

100 Six (BN4/BN6) roadster
Sprite roadster (R4 cyl, 948 cm³, 43 KM) – new model

Great Britain

Dziwaczne umieszczenie reflektorów w nowym modelu Sprite zostało wymuszone przepisami dotyczącymi wysokości ich osadzania, obowiązującymi w niektórych stanach USA.

100 Six

Austin-Healey 100 Six Sports two-seater, Model BN6, replaced the two/four-seater (BN4) version in the early part of 1958. The latter was, however, reintroduced later in the year (built by MG) and the two versions then ran concurrently. Compared with the two/four-seater the Model BN6 feature a larger boot and two 6-Volt batteries (instead of one 12-Volt unit), located at each side of the spare wheel, which was moved forward.



Austin-Healey Sprite, Model AN5 is produced from March 1958. It feature a smooth-countered flush-sided two-seater body-the bonnet-cum-front wing assembly is hinged just forward of the windscreen with an oval mesh radiator grille. The reliable BMC A-Series 948-cc power unit have twin carburettors and develop 43 bhp (net) at 5000 rpm. Wheelbase is 6 ft 8 in and the overall length 11 ft 54 in, including front bumper.





The X224 Streamliner at the Nassau Speedweek in 1958. The car was driven by Roy Salvadori who is pictured standing behind the car with his hand in his pocket. Roger Menadue is attending to the front wheel.