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Austin Healey 1961

Great Britain

3000 (BN7/BT7) roadster – discontinued
3000 Mk II (BN7/BT7) roadster - new model
Sprite roadster (R4 cyl, 948 cm³, 43 KM) – discontinued in April. 38.999 were made.
Sprite Mk II roadster (R4 cyl, 948 cm³, 47 KM) - new model 

October '60 advert.


Austin-Healey Sprite Mk II Sports replaced the Mk I 'Frog eye' in the spring. Although retaining the four-cylinder, 948-cc, ohv engine, albeit with a number of modifications which give increased power output, it feature a new rectangular, squared-up body with conventionally positioned headlamps, rectangular mesh radiator grille and opening boot lid. Top speed is in the region of 85-90 mph and average fuel consumption an impressive 35-40 mpg.

Austin-Healey 3000 Mk II Sports differ from the superseded Mk I mainly by a restyled radiator grille and modifications to the engine, including a new camshaft, stronger valve springs, and the adoption of triple carburettors, which increase the power output to 130 bhp at 4750 rpm. Top speed of this two/four-seater is an impressive 120 mph plus; however, limited ground clearance restricts its manoeuvrability.

Sprite and 3000 Mk I. March American advert.






3000 Mk II


wb: 2340 mm 6 cyl.
2912 cc
130 bhp


3000 Mk II (BT7)


Optional hardtop 



Sprite Mk II

Sprite Mk II

Sprite Mk II



24h Le Mans 10.06.1961 Entrant: Results:    
#   chassis #     gen. class    
21 3000 HBN10339 Bekaert/Stoop Chiltern fail. -    
42 Sprite AN547399 Colgate/Hawkins Donald Healey fail. -    
46 Sprite AN547402 Sanderson/McKay Ecurie Ecosse acc. -    
61 3000 RN422881 Clark/Taylor Cambridge Racing res. -    
1st Coupe des Alpes   3000 Morley/Morley

Sprite at 12h Sebring.


Austin-Healey Sebring Sprite; chassis #AN547399, engine: Austin 994 cc.; John K. Colgate Jr. / Paul Hawkins; Donald Healey Motor Co Ltd.; 24h Le Mans; retired at 23h 52min.

Austin-Healey 3000, chassis #HBN10339, engine: Austin 2.912 cc. (John Bekaert / Dickie Stoop) by Ecurie Chiltern at Le Mans.


Austin-Healey Sebring Sprite, chassis #AN547402, engine: Austin 994 cc.; Ninian Sanderson / Bill McKay; Ecurie Ecosse; 24h Le Mans.

Austin-Healey 3000, chassis #RN422881, engine: Austin 2.912 cc.; Jim Clark / Trevor Taylor; Cambridge Racing; 24h Le Mans; reserve entry.