Classic Car Catalogue

Autobleu 1955

  wb: 4 cyl.
747 cm³
25 ch
4 CV 210 cm coach


Encouraged by the warm welcome given to their 4-hp coupe, the leaders of Autobleu would like to repeat the same operation with the Frégate. They turn again to Italy where Boano created a coupe and Abarth improved mechanics. Exhibited at Turin Motor Show in April, it features two double-barrel Weber carburattors.
Exhibited on the Chapron stand of the Paris Salon in November 1955, the nice convertible followes exactly the shapes of the Coupe Autobleu model '56.

Autobleu Coupé and the actress Michèle Morgan.

Autobleu cabriolet on the Chapron stand at the Paris Motor Show.

Cabriolet Autobleu by Chapron presented here by actress Sophie Desmarets.

Fregate Boano Abarth

Fregate Boano Abarth