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Bentley 1962

S 2 - discontinued
S 2 Continental - discontinued
S 3 Saloon (V8cyl, 6230cc) - new model in October
S 3 Continental (V8cyl, 6230cc) - new model in October

Great Britain

Bentley Series 'S2' models were modified at the start of the year when the heater system was improved, changes were made to the instrumentation and footrests were added for rear seat passengers.
'S3' was introduced in October.
The extra headlights has been very neatly incorporated in the facade of the S3, as the latest standard saloon Bentley is called (to distinguish it from its predecessor, the S2). Otherwise, the car's styling is little changed. Inside, however, there are new padded capping rails with dual ashtrays built in, and increased legroom for rear-seat passengers. How much power a Bentley or a Rolls Royce develops is traditionally a secret, but the S3 has more urge than the S2 (amount unspecified); this is the result of a raise in compression ratio to 9 to 1. The V8 engine is of course made of aluminium, which lends itself to a high compression. Also revised for 1963 is this car's power steering, which now calls for even less effort at manoeuvring and parking speeds. Apart from its nameplates and the shape of its radiator shell, the Bentley remains identical with its R.R. opposite number, the Silver Cloud III. Dimensions: Wheelbase: 10ft 3 in, Length: 17ft 7 ¾ in, Width: 6ft 2 ¾ in.
The Continental, powered by the same aluminium-alloy V8 engine as the rest of the Bentley and Rolls ranges, shares its sister models' 1963 innovations . . . reduced effort for the servo'd steering, a higher compression ratio, four headlamps. As before, there are four Continental types - two-door and four-door saloons, bodied by Mulliner, a Park Ward convertible, and a four-door saloon by James Young. Extra speed and acceleration, compared with the basic S3, is the result of weight saving, a smaller frontal area and better aerodynamic shape. Transmission, of course, is automatic without the option, as on all products of the associated Bentley and Rolls Royce companies.

(London report, October '62)

S 2

wb: 312 cm V8 cyl.
6230 cc
Saloon   - discontinued
Drophead Coupé   - discontinued


Drophead Coupé

Bentley S2 Saloon long wheelbase with an electrically operated movable division between driver and passengers.

Continental S 2

wb: 312 cm V8 cyl.
6230 cc
Sports Saloon Mulliner   - discontinued
Flying Spur Saloon Mulliner   - discontinued
Drophead Coupé Park Ward   - discontinued
Saloon James Young   - discontinued

Drophead Coupé Park Ward

S 3


Bentley S3 Saloon at Paris Motor Show

Continental S 3

Sports Saloon Mulliner
Flying Spur Saloon Mulliner
Drophead Coupé Park Ward
Saloon James Young

Continental Sports Saloon H. J. Mulliner

Continental Drophead Coupé Park Ward

S 3 Continental Saloon