Classic Car Catalogue

Berliet 1932

8 CV type VIL berline, coach - discontinued
944 / 943 type VILS berline, roadster - new model


In 1932, the engine goes from 1.5 to 1.6 liters: it was renamed "944" (9 CV, 4 cylinder, 4 speed) type VILS. The engine OHV with good performance, 4-speed gearbox, and a 12 volt electric system. Along with standard 'Berline' body a roadster with motorcycle type wings. It is intended to be run by Jean Berliet in the 1932 Paris-Nice Rally.

Berliet also launched two 4-cylinder engines: 2.6-litre and 3.3-litre to replace 2.8 litre and 4 litre six.