Classic Car Catalogue

Berliet 1935

944 type VILD berline, Coupé(1,6l) - discontinued
1144 11 CV (2,0l) - discontinued
Dauphine 9 CV VIRL berline, cabriolet - new model
Dauphine 11 CV VIRP berline, cabriolet - new model


Nowy model Dauphine może być wyposażony w dwa rodzaje silników: 9 CV o pojemności 1,6l i mocy 40 KM lub 1990 cm3, 50 KM.

9 HP and 11 HP were a great success. These models become the Dauphine in June 1935. The changes introduced last year to the 1144 were also made to the 9 CV Dauphine which appeared during the summer. This car is available in sedan and convertible without steps. Only 11 CV resume skirts to hide the rear wheels. The vents become horizontal on all cars. Initially limited to 11 CV version, the Dauphine is now available in 9 CV and even a 14 CV. Considered unfashionable, the "coach" and "roadster" disappeared from the catalogues.

Exhibited at the Paris Motor Show in October 1935 Berliet "Dauphine" is struggling against it's competitors. The Citroën has a monocoque body, low centre gravity and front wheel drive, the Peugeot offers it's new aerodynamic bodies. The Dauphine is still built with steel sheets on a wooden structure. The price of Berliet is still interesting, given their known quality (a "Grand Luxe" 11 HP Dauphine costs 24,330 F against 22,500 F for Citroën 11 Normale and 22 900 F for Peugeot 402), but customers are attracted by the modern lines.