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Berliet 1938

944 / 1144 types VILF-VIRF berline, limousine - discontinued
Dauphine 9 / 11 CV VIRL-VIRP berline, cabriolet (1,6l, 40 KM / 1990 cm³, 50 KM)
Dauphine '39 type VIRP2 limousine (1990 cm³, 115 KM) - Paris


Nowy Dauphine ma tylną część nadwozia adoptowaną z Peugeota 402.

In industrial notified Marius Berliet refocused in recent years its production on the commercial vehicle: the Dauphine will not receive major innovations between 1934 and 1938 but will still flow to 6850 copies, thanks to the sales network dense and effective brand. True to their reputation, it will remain robust cars, serious and uneventful.

Unveiled at the 1938 Dauphine 39 2-liter is the last cartridge berliet. Unfortunately, the War will stop production of the car, just months after the start of assembly. Only 200 cars will come out of the factory.





Dauphine '39


Berliet Dauphine '39 at Paris Motor Show.