Classic Car Catalogue

Bertone 1934


Varianti su Fiat 508 Balilla
Berlina su Fiat 527S Ardita
Alfa Romeo 6C 2300
Variante su Lancia Augusta 

Fiat 2300 Ardita

Lancia Augusta berlina with opening roof.

Limousine built on Alfa Romeo 6C 2300, 3210 mm wheelbase chassis.

"Balilla della Signora", a ladies' car project by Mario Revelli di Beaumont- with a contribution from a young Nuccio Bertone - of which various series were built, each differing slightly from the other by way of their doors, windows and radiator grills. A number of attractive vans were also produced. The "Balilla della Signora" was recognisable by the advancement of its pedals, which meant the whole cockpit could be moved forward and limit the bonnet's length, features that were well received by the lady drivers of the day.
(Gruppo Bertone)


The company moved premesis to a much larger and better equipped site in Via Peschiera.