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Buick 1940 


Series 40 Special
Series 50 Super
Series 60 Century
Series 70 Roadmaster
Series 80 Limited
Series 90 Limited


W 1940 roku nastąpiło przetasowanie: Roadmaster stał się serią 70, obok 50 wystąpiła nazwa Super, a obok 80, podobnie jak i przy 90-ce, Limited. Tańsze modele ozdobiono trzema otworami wentylacyjnymi na błotnikach, a droższe wozy czterema - tzw. venti ports


Special ● Super ● Century ● Roadmaster






Series 40 wb 121 in. L8 cyl, ohv
107 hp
Model 40-46 Business Coupe $895
Model 40-46S Sport Coupe $950
Model 40-48 Touring Sedan $955
Model 40-41 Touring Sedan $996
Model 40-46 Convertible Coupe $1077
Model 40-41C Convertible Sedan $1355
Model 40-41T Taxicab $


Special Four-Door Sedan Model 41

Special Two-Door Touring Sedan Model 48

Special Sport Coupé Model 46S

Special Business Coupé Model 46

Special Convertible Coupé Model 46C

Special Convertible Phaeton Model 41C





Series 50 wb 121 in. L8 cyl, ohv
107 hp
Model 40-56S Sport Coupe $1058
Model 40-51 Sedan $1109
Model 40-51C Sport Phaeton $
Model 40-56C Convertible Coupe $
Model 40-59 Estate Wagon $


Super Sport Coupé Model 56S

Super Convertible Coupe

Super Four-Door Touring Sedan Model 51



Super Sport Phaeton

Super Estate Wagon

Buick Estate Wagon


Super Estate Wagon

Clark Gable




Series 60 wb 126 in. V8 cyl, L-head
141 hp
Model 40-61 Touring Sedan $1211
Model 40-66C Convertible Coupe $1343
Model 40-61C Convertible Phaeton $1620
Model 40-66 Business Coupe $
Model 40-66S Sport Coupe $


Century Four-Door Sedan Model 61

Century Convertible Coupé Model 66C

Century Convertible Phaeton Model 61C





Series 70 wb 126 in. V8 cyl, L-head
141 hp
Model 40-76S Sport Coupe $1277
Model 40-71 Touring Sedan $1359
Model 40-71C Sport Phaeton $
Model 40-76C Convertible Coupe $


Roadmaster Four-Door Touring Sedan Model 71

Roadmaster Convertible

Roadmaster Sport Coupé Model 76S


Roadmaster Convertible Phaeton

Townmaster Sedan

Available now on special order is the custom-built Buick pictured here, the
Townmaster Sedan. With body work by Brunn, the chassis is the standard ROADMASTER chassis with all
features, including the 141-horsepower straight-eight engine, electrically balanced after assembly; coil springs on all four wheels; and the steadying torque-tube drive and heavy Buick frame. Interior trim and appointments are subject to your taste through a wide variety of upholstery options. Standard equipment includes removable top for the chauffeur's compartment. speaking phone, center arm-rest in the three-passenger rear seat, sliding window behind the driver, and built-in heater. At $3895*, delivered at Flint, complete except for transportation based on rail rates, state and local taxes (if any), the Townmaster is a real value on its quality and fine finish.
*Price subject to change without notice.




Series 80 wb: 133 in. L8 cyl, ohv
141 hp
Model 40-81 Sedan $1553
Model 40-81F Formal Sedan $1727
Model 40-81C Convertible Phaeton $1952
Model 40-87 Streamlined Sport Sedan $
Model 40-80C Sport Convertible Phaeton $
Model 40-87F Streamlined Formal Sedan $
Series 90 wb: 140 in.  
Model 40-90 Touring Sedan $1942
Model 40-91 Sedan with Auxiliary Seats $2096
Model 40-90L Limousine $2199


90 Limited Sedan


Limited Touring Sedan

Limited Convertible Phaeton