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Buick 1949 


2 Door Sedanet, 
4 Door Sedan
50 SUPER (248.1, wb 121 in)
2 Door Convertible, 
2 Door Sedanet, 
4 Door Sedan, 
4 Door Stn Wgn
70 ROADMASTER (320.2, wb 126 in)
2 Door Convertible, 
2 Door Sedanet, 
4 Door Sedan, 
4 Door Stn Wgn, 
Riviera 2 Door Hardtop


COMING at you, a big, boldpatterned grille flashes greeting-and you say "There's the new Buick!"
Going away – you catch fleeting glimpse of sleek, flowing rear-end lines, the massive grace of contoured rear bumpers, the rich rubyred of taillights neatly faired into massive rear fenders.
This, you tell yourself, blends mass and line and color and chrome in rich harmony without flaw. This gives modern design that master Buick touch-wonder what goes with it?
In a word – plenty.
Dynaflow Drive, for one thing, standard now on all ROADMASTERS, optional on all SUPERS - and accompanied always with new selfsetting valve lifters that spell lasting engine quietness.
New visibility from big, curved windshields that are higher to let you see stop lights-broader to view oncoming traffic-set in narrower corner posts that whittle down blind spots.
Really spacious interiors, with every inch cunningly used – even to super-soft cushions that cradle you deep for extra room overhead.
There's a ride, too, that lets you know how clouds feel – what with soft coil springs all around, widerthan – usual rims, cushiony lowpressure tires.
As for power – every engine's a Fireball valve-in-head straighteight, and Hi-Poised mounted for smoothness and freedom from vibration.
There's more, of course, that your Buick dealer will be most happy to tell you about – trim-tailored interiors, feathery handling, roadsteady size and weight – fresh new features by the dozens.
Even price tags that shout "Bargain!" any time you want to make comparisons. Start doing that today-and by tomorrow you'll be getting your order in!
Oil does it all in Dynaflow Drive
There's no clutch pedal in Dynaflow Drive. And no gears that shift. Instead, the engine makes oil whirl in this drum. And it whirls in such a unique and special way that whatever kind of power you need – for starting, climbing, accelerating, cruising is instantly delivered to the rear wheels. You just set a lever, press the gas treadle – and the power plant does the rest.
Buick alone has all these features:
Silk-smooth DYNAFLOW DRIVE*, FULL-VIEW VISION from enlarged glass area, SWING-EASY DOORS and easy access, "LIVING SPACE" INTERIORS with Deep-Cradle cushions, Buoyant riding QUADRUFLEX COIL SPRINGING, Lively FIREBALL STRAIGHT-EIGHT POWER on HI-POISED ENGINE MOUNTINGS, Cruiser-Line VENTIPORTS (Super and Roadmaster), Low-pressure tires on SAFETY-RIDE RIMS, DUREX BEARINGS, main and connecting rods, Ten smart models featuring BODY BY FISHER, Plus Sound-Sorber Top Lining (Super and Roadmaster closed models), Road-Rife Balance, Duomatic Spark Advance, Contoured Bumpers, StepOn Parking Brake, Permi-Firm Steering, Hideaway Hood Latches, Shielded Ignition.
*Standard on ROADMASTER, optional at extra cost on SUPER models.


Buick wyprodukował 398,5 tys. samochodów.
Nowe nadwozia, pierwszy raz hardtop Riviera, będąca dwudrzwiową, ekskluzywną wersją Roadmastera. Przekładnia Dynaflow oferowana jest jako opcja w najdroższym modelu Roadmaster.










Roadmaster Riviera




Roadmaster Riviera




Buick King Ranch Special built on a modified '49 Buick Roadmaster chassis by Buick Division of General Motors for Richard Kleberg of the famous King Ranch of Texas.