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Cadillac 1941


60 (V8 cyl, L-head, 346, 150 hp; wb: 126 in.)
61 (V8 cyl, L-head, 346, 150 hp; wb: 126 in.)
62 (V8 cyl, L-head, 346, 150 hp; wb: 126 in.)

63 (V8 cyl, L-head, 346, 150 hp; wb: 126 in.)

67 (V8 cyl, L-head, 346, 150 hp; wb: 139 in.)

75 (V8 cyl, L-head, 346, 150 hp; wb: 136 in.)

Cadillac and Cadillac-Fleetwood for 1941.


Po likwidacji marki La Salle, ich rolę w koncernie General Motors przejęły tańsze modele Cadillaca, dzięki czemu marka ta osiągnęła najlepszy wynik sprzedaży w swojej historii - 59.572 samochody.
Sixty oferowany jest w dwóch wersjach nadwoziowych: jako sedan i dwudrzwiowy kabriolet. Wśród wyposażenia dodatkowego znajduje się przekładnia automatyczna Hydra-matic, automatycznie otwierany dach w kabriolecie, automatyczny system ogrzewania i klimatyzacja.

Sixty One

Series 61 Coupe
Series 61 Coupe Deluxe
Series 61 Sedan
Series 61 Sedan Deluxe

Sixty-One Five-Passenger Coupé

IF YOU ARE the owner of a medium-priced motor car, there is every reason why you ought to be driving a Cadillac - and not one reason why you can't!
You ought to own a Cadillac because you'll never enjoy the peak pleasures of motoring until you do. The effortless and endlessly exciting performance of the most powerful Cadillac V-8 ever built ... the living-room comfort and rich perfection of a Fleetwood-appointed interior ... the unbelievable driving ease afforded by Cadillac-engineered Hydra-Matic Drive* ... the very human satisfaction that goes with owning the best – these fine advantages are combined in no other car except a Cadillac. And that's all right, because a Cadillac can be yours. Its price is matched by exceptional economy! Owners report 14 to 17 miles per gallon. And service rates are, in some cases, below those of the lowest-priced cars! Yes, you can safely follow your real desires, this year, and come up to a Cadillac. For the first time nothing stands in your way.



Sixty-One Five-Passenger Coupé

*The price for the Cadillac Sixty-One FIVE-PASSENGER Coupé delivered at Detroit.



Sixty Two

Series 62 Coupe
Series 62 Sedan
Series 62 Coupe Deluxe
Series 62 Sedan Deluxe
Series 62 Convertible Coupe
Series 62 Convertible Sedan


62 Convertible Sedan

Cadillac 62


Sixty Three

Series 63 Sedan

Sixty Three


Cadillac 63 jako ambulans.

Sixty Seven

Series 67 Sedan
Series 67 Sedan
Series 67 Imperial Sedan
Series 67 Imperial Sedan



Sixty Special

Series 60 Special Sedan
Series 60 Special Sedan, Divided
Series 60 Special Sedan with Sunshine Turret Top
Series 60 Special Town Car


Fleetwood Sixty Special


Fleetwood 60 Special Touring Sedan

Cadillac 60 Special Convertible


Seventy Five

Series 75 Business Sedan
Series 75 Sedan
Series 75 Imperial, Business
Series 75 Sedan
Series 75 Imperial Sedan
Series 75 Imperial Sedan
Series 75 Formal Sedan
Series 75 Formal Sedan


Fleetwood Seventy Five Limousine






"A Cadillac-Fleetwood is the most restful way to travel I've ever discovered" ... "It's spaciousness and lovely appointments make it my -favorite 'room Quiet as a bird's flight."
Sentiments like these, paraphrased from owners' letters, reveal one very important reason why Cadillac-Fleetwoods are the overwhelming choice of people who can buy as they wish. Their downright, solid comfort is not to be found in any other car. Generous roominess and unstinted luxury ... a new spring construction that levels all roads to table-smoothness ... an engine whose matchless might is revealed only by great performance, never by a sound – all help to account for it. And, too, handling ease is so near perfection that driving is almost automatic. These are the reasons why travel via Cadillac-Fleetwood is at once, the oat zestful and restful way to get about. Wouldn't you like to try its special virtues yourself? Just talk to your Cadillac dealer. He'll gladly place a Cadillac-FIeetwood at your disposal for an extended trial.